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Read the latest in the storage solutions industry! From warehouse layout and design to mezzanine systems, practical storage tips and tricks, and more. And be sure to read what Bill Bavagnoli, Specialized Storage Solutions President, has to say about warehouse layout and design here.

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Save More Money; Think Outside the Box with These Warehouse Solutions

More money is in your business. You just haven’t accessed it yet. It doesn’t have anything to do with selling more or raising your prices or marketing your services. It literally is in your business. And, by literally, we mean in your storage space. Here’s what we mean… In this article, you’ll learn several easy […]


Making The Best Use Of Your Warehouse Storage Space

After you’ve selected a facility that will meet your long-term needs for growth, you need to meet with storage professionals to address how that new space is utilized. When assessing your need, you will need to determine if your operation is pallet in/pallet out, pallet in/case out, or case in/case out. The same principles apply […]


How UTM Increased Storage by 60%

The following is a Q&A discussion with Dorothy Principe, President of Universal Tool & Manufacturing. The challenges faced by UTM may be similar to the challenges you are currently facing.  Read on to find out how UTM solved her space and efficiency issues.


The Affect of Retrieval Equipment on Warehouse Configuration

The Method of Retrieval is the last major factor to consider the warehouse layout and design of your storage system.  If there is a lot of unused vertical space in your warehouse you should consider the cost of going up instead of out. This space is free compared to the cost of new building construction […]


Creating an Optimal Warehouse Layout Around Fixed Elements

There are a number of things you can do to maximize the use of your warehouse layout and design, and increase the profitability of your operations. When you are surveying the area to determine the best layout, you need to take a number of things into consideration. First and foremost, ideally you want to position […]


The Affect of Product Size on Warehouse Configuration

There are a number of ways that product size and weight affects your space requirements.  Whether your storage is in boxes and plastic totes or gaylords and pallets, all determine your layout and space requirements.  How you operate your facility – a pallet in/pallet out, pallet in/case out, or case in/case out facility – can […]


Are You Looking for a Product or A Result?

There is a difference between buying a product, or finding a solution that helps you achieve strategic goals. Great companies are focused on results of achieving their strategic goals – not on buying a product.  That’s why Specialized Storage Solutions isn’t focused on selling you a product – instead, our clients consider us a partner […]


Tax Implications on Construction vs. Modular Systems

It’s April and that means tax time.  We, like many businesses, always are looking for ways to minimize our tax burden and improve our company.  That’s why this is such an important conversation. When most businesses begin to need more space, they think of additions or expansions.  However, the tax ramifications of permanent construction is […]


Should You Stay or Should You Go?

The expansion of the Panama Canal and the raising of the Bayonne Bridge in the NY Metro area will have a great impact on the overall economy and the ever changing e-commerce landscape. Larger container ships will be transporting more goods in and out of the Tri-state area which will affect many of our area […]


Safety is Our Top Priority

All too often we go into a company to discuss their needs and after originally installing their warehouse racking systems, they think everything is done.  They don’t focus on maintenance or review of potential safety issues.  But we see these issues – current and potential issues. Warehouse safety is a top priority for us and […]