We Increase Profitability


Everything Specialized Storage Solutions does – from creating optimal space solutions and efficient process workflow systems – is done to ensure you are getting the maximum return on your investment and to improve your bottom line.

Our goal isn’t just to provide products; our primary objective is to become a trusted resource that you can call upon to help solve your space and productivity problems.  We believe that clever planning equals maximum revenue opportunity and we’re confident that we’ll always provide the best value and return on investment.   By utilizing our unparalleled experience and industry best practices, we are able to evaluate your current methods and processes for storage, order processing and equipment utilization, and we recommend practical cost-effective strategies to enhance productivity and reduce overall cost.  In addition, most of the solutions we recommend are considered capital improvements that provide additional tax benefits to improve your profitability and can be depreciated faster than permanent construction.

Labor costs and related expenses can constitute 65% of many warehouse budgets.  Devising the right solution to maximize the use of your current space and personnel will provide maximize efficiency, reduce costs and ultimately increase profitability. That’s our value innovation proposal to you, which reduces costs and enhance operational success.