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Specialized Storage Solutions has done work in a wide variety of industries over the past 25 years to broaden our application expertise. From mezzanine platform to clean room systems, we proudly provide storage space solutions for all industries.Every customer and application shown below have called on us to create additional space and maximize productivity in their facilities, which has, in turn, improved their profitability. We asked the right questions to focus in on the real need, and you can see the difference in the results we provide in each one of these unique industries.


Specialized Storage Solutions is an expert in automotive facility planning, layout, and design of parts and service departments. We also specialize in making the best use of space in administrative storage areas, wholesale/ retail counter counters, night drop areas, special tools and any departments that contribute to the profitability of your dealership. We will design efficient systems to maximize parts runner and technician productivity by showing you how to store your most active 20 percent of items closest to the counter, and will design technician workspaces to minimize waiting time and maximize billing hours. We are the only ISO 14001/ LEED accredited designer and supplier to provide new solutions to meet any green building initiative in the auto industry. To read more about our solutions for your whole facility – from service to showroom, click here .


Specialized Storage Solutions is the company that manufacturers call when they need to increase efficiency within their operation and to design custom fabricated solutions to meet production needs and help improve current space utilization. When companies are looking to expand, renovate or relocate, Specialized Storage Solutions is frequently asked to provide a design and show how it will fit in the improved facility plan and work with new processes. Our LEED accredited designers work with operations and facility planners to ask the right questions to determine the needs and devise the right solutions to meet those needs.


Specialized Storage Solutions provides solutions to improve processes and space utilization in laboratories, equipment enclosures, cleanrooms, and general storage areas. Our LEED accredited designers work with facility planners to ask the right questions to determine the needs and devise the right solutions in biotechnology applications.


Specialized Storage Solutions provides solutions to meet industry standards in many departments in pharmaceutical facilities including DEA and Quarantine areas, warehouses, retained samples, and production. Our LEED accredited designers work with operations and facility planners to ask the right questions to determine the need and devise the right solutions to meet those needs.

Health Care

Specialized Storage Solutions has provided the right storage and productivity solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities for many years. These facilities are frequently running out of space and have limited budgets due to shrinking profit margins, so our unique application expertise and service is the main reason we are repeatedly called.

Wholesale Distribution

The main needs in wholesale distribution are operational efficiency and space utilization. Operational efficiency is directly related to your warehouse layout, method of retrieval, and the ability to grow your business and be profitable. Specialized Storage Solutions knows the right questions to ask in order to meet these needs and knows the interface between the right lift truck and proper rack system to recommend. We will take the time to analyze your operation, perform safety audits, and work to establish a long-term relationship as your partner and value-added resource.

Data Centers
Specialized Storage Solutions stands for efficiency, productivity, and profitability, which every business works for. We have the application expertise required to keep your customer’s data safe and secure, yet give you access with the proper wire security partitions. We have also installed many storage systems that maximize space and security.


Specialized Storage Solutions has worked in many retail environments, both at the store level and the distribution level. As a result, we know the right questions to ask to maximize efficiency from the retail distribution center to the retail customer. Our LEED accredited designers can show you unique storage solutions and work flow processes to enable you to serve your customers, set you apart from the competitor, and improve customer satisfaction.

Food Service

Specialized Storage Solutions knows the importance of designing systems to help you produce product, turn inventory faster and maximize your space utilization. Very often this space is most expensive because of refrigeration and freezer applications, and our systems analysis will give you the best use of space, maximum air circulation, and reduced product damage. Companies call on Specialized Storage Solutions because of their application expertise in all phases of food production and distribution.

Mailrooms/Backroom/Archive Storage
Specialized Storage Solutions knows that customers in these areas strive for the lowest cost per box and least costly method of efficiency. We provide work flow analysis to design the most efficient layout to give you access to all boxes and media safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Mechanical Contracting

Specialized Storage Solutions’ space saving and productivity expertise extends to HVAC and plumbing and heating contractors. We know the best way to store your inventory of black, pvc, and copper piping as well as sheet metal, boilers and water heaters and have installed storage systems in dozens of facilities.


Specialized Storage Solutions has created space, maximized productivity, and improved profitability in utilities and power plants throughout the tri-state area. They have called on us to outfit portable trailers, perform safety audits, maximize warehouse storage space, and provide equipment to improve worker productivity since 1990. Our broad application expertise and unique ability to solve problems has enabled us to become a preferred vendor in this industry.

Contract Packaging
Specialized Storage Solutions provides unique space-saving and productivity-enhancing custom fabricated solutions to meet the needs of contract packaging companies. Our diverse application expertise has helped us maximize space and provide platforms for production and equipment for filling lines, refrigerated warehouses, and walk-in coolers.

Flavors and Fragrances
Specialized Storage Solutions has performed work in many areas of flavor and fragrance facilities that help companies maximize their productivity. Our broad application expertise has enabled us to provide unique solutions to storage problems in retained sample storage, shipping, production, and warehousing.


Specialized Storage Solutions knows the needs of companies in the cosmetics industry, and has completed jobs to help increase productivity in production and materials handling applications. Our ability to engineer and design platforms to hold production and mixing equipment has enabled us to lend our expertise to these companies and help improve their profitability.