Mezzanine Office Design Ideas: Expand Work Space, Improve Work Flow

There are three things that all businesses always need more of: Time, Space, and Money.

This never-ending struggle is especially real for large companies. As your company grows, so does the need to find a solution to these significant struggles. What most business owners aren’t aware of is how a mezzanine office may be a solution to all three of those needs.

It’s a bold claim, isn’t it?

Let’s take a closer look at how adding a steel mezzanine office can help elevate your company to the next level, literally.

Create Space. Maximize Efficiency. Increase Profitability. It’s what Specialized Storage does best.

Mezzanine Office Design Ideas: Expand Work Space, Improve Work Flow

Example: Budney’s aircraft parts and service business needed to increase the use of the cube in their existing location because they didn’t want to build more office space. They contacted Specialized Storage Solutions, and we installed a Strongbox Mezzanine to house their employees above work areas. They have since installed two additional mezzanines with offices above and have been successful in fitting more technicians and machinery on the floor.

With the addition of a mezzanine office, your newly added space can increase your warehouse size by 33%*. Given that the minimum square footage for an average warehouse is 10,000 square feet, with the quick installation of a mezzanine office, the size of that warehouse has now grown by an astounding 3,300 square feet.

That’s 33% more space for you to do anything with.

While most business owners immediately jump to additional inventory storage or adding length to a production line as solutions best served by a mezzanine installation, many businesses have found that the real bonus of having bonus space is adding office space.

Whether you’re looking for space to add a customer service call center, a meeting room to sign your next deal or just an office with a view, this space can serve all your company needs.

Benefits of Adding a Steel Mezzanine Office to Your Warehouse

Increasing Your Space Increases Your $$$

Hassle-free Expansion

If you’ve been considering the option to expand your storage space into an additional separate building, you know that hassle. Not only do you need to find the land, but there’s also the matter of permits, labor, and materials. All of those costs can add up quickly, and unforeseen problems can eat into your bottom line unapologetically.

In a side by side comparison, adding a separate building can’t compare to the advantages of a mezzanine office. With a mezzanine office, you can have the extra space your business needs without the hassle of moving to a new location. This may be a great way to have an incredible corporate office without the added overhead expense of a separate location.

Since the installation of a mezzanine office sits within your current warehouse, there’s no need to deal with any of the headaches a separate building can bring. The best part is your new elevated office space provides you with a vantage point that a separate building never could.

Office Space in the Heart of Your Hub

Rather than taking care of administrative needs or even client meetings at another location, all your business needs are taken care of within a few steps. With an office in the heart of your warehouse and production zone, your clients and vendors know that they can count on you to handle any situation immediately. Being able to increase the efficiency of your business transactions is an excellent selling point when you’re in a competitive market.

Mezzanine Office Design Ideas: Expand Work Space, Improve Work Flow

Example: GEA needed to expand office space on the production floor and wanted to remove an old antiquated structure. However, they needed to make the room bigger and needed a company to modify their existing mezzanine in order to create the space required for two additional people. They called on Specialized Storage Solutions, and we helped them determine the size required to fit the personnel based on their functions. We also modified the existing mezzanine structure and installed a new Panel Built modular office with steel wall protection to meet their needs without impeding into their production space.

Evaluate Efficiency With a Bird’s Eye View

A mezzanine office also gives you the perfect place to keep an eye of the warehouse and all the employees. Being in an elevated position provides you with a birds-eye view of your entire warehouse. Your overview allows you to see how the layout of your warehouse truly flows. This perspective enables you to accurately recognize any once-hidden blind spots for employees or address product bottle-necks that may be hindering productivity.

Little Downtime, Big Changes

With one simple phone call to Specialized Storage Solutions, a highly qualified team member comes out and assess your available space. Our team then installs the office space above your current inventory. Often there is little to no downtime for your current operations.  Since the bulk of the steel mezzanine assembly takes place off-site, this makes installing the structure a very efficient process for both parties.  This fast and cost-effective installation means that your company can stay on top of orders and continue to run like a well-oiled machine.

Environmentally Friendly

Adding an office space within your existing warehouse is gentle on your wallet and the planet.  The amount of resources used in the building of a mezzanine office space is minimal compared to those needed to construct a new building. The saving in time & gas because you’re not driving to various locations for meetings is sure to make you smile on your way to work.

Mezzanine Office Design Ideas: Expand Work Space, Improve Work Flow

Example: Coca Cola needed to erect a modular office in their production facility so their supervisors could more closely monitor bottling and filling lines, and it had to be attached to existing platform stairs. Specialized Storage Solutions came up with a recommendation for a vision tower office on a structural steel mezzanine. It was installed without a problem and remains in service today.

6 Mezzanine Office Design Ideas

Now that you know all the benefits, let’s talk applications and ambiance. Your mezzanine office space can be a true expression of your company’s style. Here are 6 ways you may not have considered utilizing a mezzanine office in your existing warehouse:

  1. Add a boardroom. With the option of large windows and a choice of wall materials, there’s nothing about the design of these spaces to hint at its warehouse location. These spaces can comfortably accommodate a luxurious boardroom table and stylish chairs. Holding your next board meeting in your new office space provides the perfect opportunity to showcase just how effectively your company performs. The next time your board members want to tour your facility, there’s no need to cautiously guide them around the machinery or impede on employee traffic. The members can view the synchronized rhythm of your warehouse layout first hand, safely from inside the office. Discuss the latest statistics over coffee rather than shouting over loud forklift beeping and dock noise.
  2. Create a posh penthouse office suite. The sheer size of a warehouse can be impressive, but once your visitors step through the door of your mezzanine office, they’re sure to be impressed. With the option of a custom wall paint color, your area can quickly transform into a fully-branded, luxury office, regardless of its warehouse surroundings. Add some well-placed artwork, accessories and strategically placed lighting, and your mezzanine office becomes a show-stopper. These spaces can easily be decorated to give the impression of a posh penthouse office suite with a unique view.
  3. Transform a dingy warehouse into a tranquil office. With some careful planning and a designer’s touch, your office space can be a tranquil escape. We also offer sound control options, so you won’t be part of the hustle and bustle below. Take care of your admin work, customer calls, and private meetings in a professional, distraction-free environment.
  4. Make a break room that actually provides your employees a break. Speaking of tranquility, why not include your employees in the opportunity for a soothing space? Your team will appreciate having a quiet space to decompress throughout their shift. Plus, forget holding the company holiday party in a lack-luster employee break room, decorate your mezzanine office space for any event and combine convenience with festive fun!
  5. Create a customer service call center right in your hub. The mezzanine office area can easily be sectioned off with cubical walls for customer call-center applications or partitioned to created separate offices for employees who need privacy to handle customers. Wall panels have the option to be customized to function as large whiteboards, cork boards or even retail displays. Having all your organizing and presentation needs attended to within one space promptly will speak volumes about your company’s level of commitment to outstanding service. Being able to have managers and other key employees on site will bring the professional response of your company to new heights.Mezzanine Office Design Ideas: Expand Work Space, Improve Work Flow
  6. Create satellite headquarters. Even if your warehouse mezzanine office won’t serve as your main headquarters, it can always serve as an extension should the need arise. Should your main headquarters elsewhere ever be unusable, your extended mezzanine office can make sure you can continue business uninterrupted. Not only is this option reassuring to your investors but it solidifies your commitment to your customers.

Safety first

Your beautiful new mezzanine office is more than just looks and function. These additions are built with safety in mind. The standard floor of a mezzanine office has the capacity to hold up to 300 psf.

That’s not its only impressive feature; the structure is assembled with 14-gauge solid steel beams and engineered to handle forklift damage. These structures are the ideal blend of brawn and beauty. Every aspect of the build has been designed with employee and visitor safety in mind. The stairs meet OSHA and BOCA requirements to ensure peace of mind as you ascend to your ideal office space.

Additionally, these spaces are designed with a fire-retardant option (up to one hour) to help give everyone ample time to get to safety. Clients may also have the opportunity to add security cameras, specialized door locks, along with bulletproof windows and door. What’s not to love about an office space that can help your company beat the competition and increase employee safety?

Create Space. Maximize Efficiency. Increase Profitability. It’s what Specialized Storage does best.

And don’t forget – you don’t have to decide how to use your mezzanine structure – you can build more than one!b No need to limit yourself concerning the layout – the options are almost endless for application and design. Companies have been known to blend the best of both options. Not only have previous mezzanine office users established private corporate spaces, they cleverly created a lounge area for employees and visitors to relax in comfort and style.  These office spaces are true chameleons when it comes to meeting your business needs with an elegant appearance.

Next time you’re searching for the perfect option to upgrade your company as a whole, look into a mezzanine office with the help of Specialized Storage Solutions for an ideal solution. These additions offer exceptional attributes that a stand-alone building would struggle to surpass. The simple installation of a mezzanine office is likely to be the solution your company is looking for to save you time, money and expand your space without breaking the bank.

* The International Building code allows for steel mezzanine additions up to 33% of your ground level square footage. Additionally, as long as the total footprint is within 33% of your warehouse floor space, more than one mezzanine is allowed.