Optimizing Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Supply Chain with the Right Warehouse Racking Solutions

Optimizing Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Supply Chain with the Right Warehouse Racking Solutions

Every organization has different functions and a different set of rules and restrictions regarding its warehouse. The pharmaceutical industry is particularly sensitive to the compliance of self-imposed, client and government requirements due to the impact and potential risks if supply chain protocols are not followed.

The pharmaceutical industry needs to start viewing itself like others in the market – automotive and retail, for instance, have adopted lean manufacturing policies and have put great emphasis on improving their logistics. Pharmaceutical should not be treated differently in this regard.

That’s why Specialized Storage Solutions recommends manufacturers and pharmaceutical sales warehouses take advantage of our expertise in warehouse layout optimization and workflow efficiency. With the tools we have on hand, we estimate you can have around 30% savings with the right technology and the proper adjustments. Specialized Storage Solutions helps you get back in charge of what flows in your chain – how much and when.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Strategies

The top priority in any health system is delivering medicine as a strategic product. In today’s world, the management of pharmaceutical supply chains has become intricate because it requires the collaboration of drug manufacturers, distributors, customers, and regulatory agencies. Another reason is that it involves saving human lives. 

Reputable sources including Mayo Clinic report that 7 out of 10 Americans take at least one prescription drug. These drugs are intended to alleviate pain, treat, and cure, but if mishandled the repercussions can be fatal. Great care must be taken throughout the entire supply chain to keep medicines in optimal condition. After all, this is about human health.

From the moment raw materials (or finished goods) enter a warehouse until they are sent to their destination, pharmaceutical warehouse practices have to ensure that products are handled correctly. Cleanliness, compliance, safety, and efficiency are the pillars of proper warehouse management.

However, pharmaceutical warehousing encompasses much more than storage and warehouse racking solutions – it is a complex apparatus that keeps millions of Americans safe and healthy.

Who regulates pharmaceutical warehousing?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rigorously oversees and regulates pharmaceutical warehousing practices. Their rules cover everything from temperature levels to packaging and warehouse racking solutions. The compilation of requirements is called Current Good Manufacturing Practice Standards, and these standards apply to the processes, the drugs themselves, and the warehouses harboring them.

Standards regarding warehouses include the following:

•    Each lot of drug products has to be identified and therefore traceable at any point.

•    There must be written procedures that describe the appropriate handling and storage for each drug.

•    Drugs must be correctly placed to avoid any tampering or contamination. They also need to be reachable for easy inspection.

Hospitals and other medical facilities run on tight budgets; there’s little room to waste. However, due to the nature of the business and the frequent underestimation of its importance, supply chain costs have become the second largest, after wages and salaries.

This piece of information alone should make top executives focus on their logistics and warehousing practices – the opportunity to cut expenses lies here. You can’t control all costs, but proper planning and useful data are the main tools for lowering them.

Purchasing, for instance, should be planned and executed according to demand and point of use; these proven models have made it clear that you can make significant savings with the right data. The same principle applies to the rest of the supply chain.

The greatest barrier the pharmaceutical industry faces regarding supply chain transformation is the level of knowledge their professionals have in the subject. They are doubtlessly experts in their niche, but are frequently unprepared or lack the training to make these kinds of transformations. Many hospitals have had to seek experts from other industry sectors who have the know-how to accomplish their logistic and warehousing goals.

Specialized Storage Solutions proposes a different strategy: to analyze the particularities of your business and submit a custom-made plan to streamline your warehouse operations and save substantial amounts of money.

You will be able to decide when you need a product, what’s the best place to acquire it from, and we’ll create an optimal warehouse layout for you. By offering accurate information, top quality products – from lifts to warehouse racking solutions – and cutting-edge tools, we save space and make you more efficient and profitable. In addition, we ensure you’re in compliance with regulations, and that your storage requirements are met.

Our services include:

•    Operational Efficiency Analysis

Excessive inventory, expired products, bottlenecks and lack of space are common ailments in warehouses holding pharmaceutical goods. Bad warehousing operations directly affect the company’s revenue and create an unsafe working space.

The purpose of this analysis is to define the most appropriate layout to maximize space utilization while still meeting product requirements. Part of this analysis includes establishing priorities to maximize profitability and a concrete plan to attain them.

The benefits of this solution include reduced expenses, optimized resource allocation, and increased focus on targets. This analysis has demonstrated its effectiveness in making a warehouse more cost-efficient. 

•    Materials Handling System

Our system receives input from every area affected by the system and process flow – from receiving to shipping. It takes every factor into consideration: product size, demand, method of retrieval, special handling requirements, etc.

The system then recommends the right product for the issue. Our extensive catalog of products has high-density storage items, shelves, cabinets, modular walls, custom fabrication products, and warehouse racking – all solutions that will help your business grow.

The process involves us sitting down with the customers to determine their needs, and coming up with a cost-effective solution at a competitive price. The solution isn’t limited to warehouse layout, but also includes specialty equipment such as stainless steel furniture for medical applications – if needed.

Specialized Storage Solutions is always looking for newer, better products to fulfill our clients’ needs.

•     Office Space Analysis and Design

Our plan goes beyond merely stating that we will focus on eliminating wasted resources. We will meet with the facility management and operations department to decide the requirements for each department. We’ll also go over plans for expansion, interdepartmental workflow, storage and reception requirements, meeting room requirements, and other information crucial to your business image and strategy.

•    Safety Audits

After 25 years in the industry, we can confidently say that Specialized Storage Solutions knows nearly everything about warehouse safety. We have created a safe workplace environment for numerous clients by performing detailed audits of their warehouse operations. We correct existing and potential safety hazards in a cost-effective manner with our warehouse racking solutions. 

From our analysis, we can determine if warehouse layout optimization would help you improve safety measures in your operation. Our safety audits will also ensure your products do not get damaged and become a liability for your business.

•    Total Project Management

Specialized Storage Solutions will provide complete project management to enable you to concentrate on running your business. Our project management services include planning, warehouse layout, design, implementation, and follow-up after completion to make sure the project was finished on time and budget.

Total project management involves integrating our solutions with a customer’s equipment and requires coordination with facilities management and other departments. At Specialized Storage Solutions we use cutting-edge technology like Configura® – a powerful design tool which provides a 3-dimensional visualization of our proposal.

We ask you the right questions so that we learn the real answers and can therefore give you the results you are looking for. Our goal is to leave you with a positive impression of our work so that we are the first ones you call when it’s time for another project.

•    Project Financing

The main benefit of financing a project is the ability to conserve working capital by using cash flow from operations instead. The chief advantage of financing equipment is in its immediate usability – which is on the whole a bigger benefit than immediate ownership. Specialized Storage Solutions has formed strategic relationships with financing companies to provide a real one-stop solution for your project needs.

We make equipment financing and the process of obtaining a working capital loan easy and hassle-free.

Over the past few decades, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have found themselves facing bigger and tougher challenges. Healthcare systems are now serving larger communities and running increasingly more complex operations. Operational processes are now analyzed more carefully, and logistics and supply chain are competing for the top executive’s attention.

It’s no wonder, since the average American hospital handles an astounding 60,000 SKUs in their warehouse. However, their main focus must remain the same: patient well-being. Let’s return hospital staff to the patient’s side. Specialized Storage Solutions will provide all the tools to fix your supply chain problems and optimize your warehouse – so your staff can focus on other, more important matters.

To start your supply chain transformation, please visit our website: https://www.specializedstorage.com/.