How Bendi Forklifts Help You Make the Most of Your Warehouse Layout, Design and Space

How Bendi Forklifts Help You Make the Most of Your Warehouse Layout, Design and Space


As your business grows you will need to increase your stocking capacity, but you’ll be constricted by your warehouse layout. Design experts and logistics gurus recommend the use of space-saving tools, with narrow aisle forklifts being one of the most effective ones.


At Specialized Storage Solutions, we help businesses optimize their space usage and their warehouse layout, design and safety systems. In this article we’ll go through the whys and hows of narrow aisle forklifts – Bendi forklifts in particular.



What is a narrow aisle forklift, and why do you need one?


Narrow aisle forklifts allow better use of available space by increasing racking capability. Since there are more pick locations, more product can be stored in the same area. When you pair the use of a narrow aisle forklift with the guidance of a warehouse layout and design professional, your capacity can be increased by up to 50%.


Nowadays companies lean more towards finding alternative solutions to their space predicament rather than getting more square footage of their floor, not only due to the direct leasing cost but also because of hidden costs associated with getting more space: higher utility bills, maintenance expenses, etc. Plus, other variables to consider, such as increased product-picking time.


The larger the area, the less efficient an operation.  Narrow aisle forklifts provide solutions in the most unique of circumstances.  Small and compact, they result in a more effective use of warehouse space and lower per-pallet cost than bigger lift truck options.


The market offers several brands and types of narrow aisle forklifts. Bendi is the leading brand, and it’s completely reshaped the concept of material handling by introducing trucks than can load trailers as well as travel in tight spaces.



Why choose Bendi over the rest? Here are five compelling reasons:


  1. Flexibility.

In the warehousing business we want to be flexible and adaptable to higher demand, changes in the market, and newer forms of conducting our processes. Flexibility also applies to how material is handled, stored, and to anything related to your warehouse layout, design and practices.

The Bendi unit, because of its unique design, can effortlessly go in and out of containers and trailers. You don’t want to be restricted when it comes to streamlining operations and fulfilling demand peaks.

The rear wheel drive unit and the dura steer system gives the Bendi the capacity of using conventional Class II forks, offering a lower collapsed mast height compared to any other. The Bendi, therefore, can easily access containers.


  1. Visibility.

This factor impacts both the operator’s efficiency, and safety. The Bendi allows the operator to have excellent visibility in both directions. The Dura Steer assembly and the rear wheel drive feature allow the driver to sit at a lower height because of which he perfectly sees the forks.

When driving in reverse, the view of the driver is similarly clear, since the radiator is mounted inside the engine compartment. Other forklifts have their radiator set directly behind the operator, which blocks visibility and makes it more prone to collisions.


  1. Lifting capacity and stability.

At 168” of lift, Bendi forklifts are able to lift 4000 lbs while its peers need at least 198”. Since Bendi locates the motors in the rear of the unit, it becomes more stable and therefore can lift heavier weights. Stability also plays a factor in safety. When the load is moved towards the rear of the truck – like in Bendi models – the center of gravity shifts and the machine becomes less likely to tilt.


  1. Lower maintenance expenses due to rear wheel drive.

When lifts have a front wheel drive, the hoses and motor cables are routed from the truck out to the front end. Every time the truck turns to retrieve material from a pallet, both the hoses and cables flex and twist. This results in expenses to repair and maintain them. On the contrary, Bendi Narrow Aisle Forklifts use a rear wheel drive, resulting in longer life of the equipment. Consider that, according to research, sometimes up to 90% of the overall cost of the truck is maintenance.


  1. Gradeability.

Depending on your warehouse layout and design, you may need your lift to climb steep surfaces. Bendi is capable of climbing 15% grades, while its peers can only manage 12%. Again, their patented rear wheel drive is the crucial factor, since front drive traction units have poor traction capabilities.



Bendi Narrow Aisle details


Now that you know why Bendi is the ideal solution for space-related challenges, let’s take a look at some of its specifications:


  • The Bendi Electric Narrow Aisle trucks are available with three-stage masts with light heights up to 41’. They are also available with four-stage poles for lift heights up to 26’. This gives the Bendi the capability to stock high, work in highway trailers, and travel through low doorways.
  • The Bendi comes standard with a broad stroke side shifter. Versatility can be enhanced by equipping the unit with a variety of hydraulic attachments such as paper roll clamps, double deep reach forks, drum clamps, and others.
  • The Bendi has a 48 V AC electrical control system with state-of-the-art motor technology. It allows longer run times between charges, and more efficient use of the unit.
  • Internal Combustion. The Bendi features a GM 2.4L internal combustion engine that utilizes LP gas. Refilling or removing the LP tank is both safe and fast. The unit meets the emission standards for its vehicle class in all 50 states.



Reduce your footprint. Choose ECO-Bendi


For those who prefer to stay eco-friendly, the ECO Bendi presents a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly option. While it retains many of the traits that make Bendi the market’s favorite, it gives the narrow aisle performance for a fraction of the cost.

What makes this model green? The high-quality recycled chassis can be tested and reused, thus saving cost for the end user. The steel is recycled, which uses less raw material, energy (fuel) and releases less emissions. All ECO Bendi Articulated Trucks are fitted with brand new parts, including AC technology.



Bendi forklifts: the future of warehousing


The bigger, the better” is not always applicable to warehousing practices, where space is at a premium. Bendi – just 42 inches wide – can navigate through narrow aisles and climb steep ramps better than any other forklift. There’s also the consideration of space when it comes to storing the unit; the larger the lift, the less space you have available for other purposes.


Experts agree that Bendi forklifts can maximize up to 20% of the space in any warehouse. Layout and design play an important role of course, and when these are optimal and combined with a narrow lift such as the Bendi, your space savings can total up to 50%.


Since Bendi trucks are smaller and lighter, they are also faster than the competitors. A Bendi is almost 33% faster than other brands. Aside from increasing your available space, you are trying to streamline your operations. The faster the lift can move, the lesser the product picking time will be. As you know, time is money.


Aside from being faster, Bendi units are the only ones legally allowed to lift their load when moving. This combined operation alone increases productivity by up to 15%.


Now, what about user experience? The driver always knows best. First things first, operating Bendi trucks is quite similar to driving a car; hence, training is much faster and easier than with other forklifts. This means saving time, money, and reducing the possibility of an accident. Drivers have also expressed how comfortable it is to operate the units and how much easier their jobs are conducted.



Everything about Bendi Narrow Aisle Forklifts makes them the right choice when it comes to space saving solutions. Bendi units excel at every type of warehouse operation: from loading docks, traveling the plant floor, working through narrow aisles without staging, and navigating through ramps. Agile, fast, reliable and cost-efficient, Bendi will reach spots others simply can’t.


If you are restricted to a certain space, if your floor has narrow aisles and tight places, if you want to anticipate demand peaks, or if you want to maximize your storage capacity and your stocking operations, a Bendi is your ultimate option. With fewer maintenance expenses, little to no specialized training needed and enhanced stability, Bendi provides a solution that keeps users and owners happy.


Speaking of happy owners, here’s a testimonial from Mark Trewhella of Best Way Trucking, whom we recently had the pleasure of working with:


“For our recent expansion, Specialized Storage Solutions helped us gain 35% more warehouse space by offering suggestions on new racking, narrow-aisle layout, and utilizing a Bendi machine by Bill’s suggestion. They always come through with the right equipment, the right product and the right price. I’d recommend them to anybody.”



Optimizing your warehouse operations


If you need solutions to optimize your facility’s operations but don’t know where to begin, get in touch with Specialized Storage Solutions. We have been in this business for over 25 years, and offer an operational efficiency analysis in which we define the most appropriate layout to maximize work flow, process flow, production, and distribution. A large warehouse isn’t the solution to your problems, but an efficient one is.

You can get in touch with us by filling a form on our website, or by calling us at 973-227-0018.