4 Benefits of Installing a Mezzanine System in Your Warehouse

//4 Benefits of Installing a Mezzanine System in Your Warehouse

To effectively use your warehouse space, implementing the right organizational structure is your best option. Rather than investing in the reconstruction of an entire facility or a relocation of your business, consider more versatile options. There are many industrial storage options available. However, the most versatile option for large spaces is a mezzanine system. 

By investing in a mezzanine system, your business will see the multiple benefits listed below. 

What is an industrial mezzanine system?

Specifically, mezzanine systems consist of several open, raised platforms supported by columns and beams, which creates extra space. Factories and warehouses use industrial mezzanines to create extra storage. 

Benefit #1: Safety & Strength

Your mezzanine system should be engineered to meet the standards of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). Most systems support however many pounds per square foot you require, up to 300 pounds per square foot. Your system should also meet all the seismic zone requirements with a deflection limit of L/300 over any span. This eliminates the sponginess found with some other mezzanine products. 

Specialized Storage Solutions created The Strongbox™ system, which uses ASTM A325 high-strength bolt connections and offers the industry’s strongest and most durable option for economical storage.

Benefit #2: Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Mezzanine products are completely modular systems. They are available in a variety of options, which can configure your unique building requirements. 

Lightweight beams facilitate installation over existing shelving or machinery to reduce downtime, while easy add-on components enable expansion of the system when you need more space. When you need to move or relocate your inventory, their modular components can be simply and quickly dismantled.

Benefit #3: Maximize Your Space

The versatility of a mezzanine is perhaps the most significant benefit. Designed by experts, a mezzanine system ensures the use of every inch of your space. As your business grows, it is likely your operations will begin to outgrow your facility. A mezzanine system is a long-term solution to this problem. 

The Strongbox™  beam-to-column connection completely eliminates the need for gussets so the deck can be cantilevered in areas where columns cannot be located. This feature, along with side-mounted handrail, enables the use of every inch of your valuable storage space. All structural steel stairs are bolt-together and fit in areas where other systems’ stairs cannot.

Benefit #4: Economic Advantages 

When your rapidly growing business demands additional storage space, mezzanine systems are your most economical option. Rather than relocate or construct new facilities, this option allows you to reorganize your warehouse in a cost-effective manner.

Strongbox Mezzanine™ systems bring you the strength of structural steel at an economical roll-formed steel cost. In addition, free-standing mezzanines are considered capital equipment. Installing a mezzanine system rather than expanding your building allows you to avoid additional property taxes and take advantage of more favorable depreciation rates.

Each system design includes detailed installation drawings at no extra charge. This enables you to secure the necessary permits quickly and economically without delaying project completion.

Strongbox Mezzanine™  Products

After more than 25 years in the business of warehouse storage systems, Specialized Storage Solutions developed its own unique mezzanine solution. Strongbox Mezzanine™ products are one of the most economical and dynamic products on the market for industrial warehousing. 

Strongbox Mezzanine Systems install quickly and easily. Integration with pick modules, conveyors, and rack or shelving systems can be accomplished with these systems. Knowledgeable staff will answer your inquiries, assess your needs, and respond quickly to requests for quotes. We will deliver and install your Strongbox system in as little as four weeks from the initial order without any back-ordered parts. 

Specialized Storage Solutions for Your Business

In short, Specialized Storage Solutions helps customers create space, maximize efficiency and increase profitability. Our experts help your business reduce risk by analyzing your operation to provide you with the right product mix to meet your needs. We ask the right questions, find the real need, provide the most cost-effective solution, and don’t use a “one size fits all” approach. Specialized Storage Solutions is a provider of ISO 14001 certified and LEED accredited products for all of our storage, space, and efficiency solutions. Our application, layout, and design expertise separates us from the competition because we think “outside the box.” Contact us to learn more!