5 Warehouse Safety Tips to Protect Your Workers & Your Business

//5 Warehouse Safety Tips to Protect Your Workers & Your Business

If you are running a business that depends on storage, shipping or warehousing, efficiency is likely top of mind. While efficiency and productivity are crucial to success, consider safety first and foremost, as well. A warehouse environment cannot be productive nor efficient without safety protocol. This protocol puts your workers’ minds at ease, helping them to work better and smarter. The following warehouse safety tips are important stepping stones to creating streamlined processes at your facility.

Tip #1: Comply with mandatory warehouse regulation.

There are several regulatory bodies within the United States that work to ensure the safety of laborers in warehouses. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is the most prominent agency that oversees warehouse safety. The 10 most frequently cited OSHA standards following federal inspections include unsafe fall protection and construction, as well as unsafe scaffolding and ladders. If you choose to ignore the guidance of the voluntary agencies, safety will be overlooked. However, choosing to ignore the industry standards set by OSHA can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Make sure you are up-to-date on all the mandatory codes and procedures set forth by governing bodies in your industry.

Tip #2: Conduct regular safety checks at your facilities.

Putting in place all of the standards set by OSHA and others is an important first step. However, making sure that those practices are maintained is another task entirely. To guarantee that your staff is following the safety protocol you’ve put in place, conduct regular audits at your facilities.

Audit your facility, machinery, and staff regularly to ensure compliance.

Tip #3: Provide workers with the right tools and solutions.

Providing your workers with the right machinery, safety equipment, and training is perhaps the most important step in ensuring a safe warehouse. All of the employees who work at your facility should be equipped with Proper Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE varies based on the specific work completed at the facility, however, it should be used at all times, no matter how minimal the work or brief the period of time.

In addition to providing this equipment, you should also be sure the workspace is set up optimally.

  • Workstations should be as efficient as possible, to minimize risk.
  • Organize forklifts and other heavy machinery away from pedestrian traffic.
  • Install bright lights for clear vision throughout the entire facility.
  • Proper ladders, scaffolding, and guardrails should be installed.

At Specialized Storage Solutions, all of our products feature the highest in safety standards and we install your systems up to code so you can start your warehouse safety off right.

Tip#4: Post safety notices where workers can see them.

Keep your workers up-to-date on new and relevant practices. Posting notices in visible spots throughout the warehouse mitigates any excuses your workers may make and ensures you are not liable for any accidents. Examples include how to handle hazardous material, how to use certain machinery and proper lifting techniques.

Tip #5: Conduct proper safety training with your staff.

Continuously conduct safety training with your workers. Safety training should be conducted regularly because regulatory bodies are constantly improving their standards. In addition, workers can forget the right practices. They can overlook details as time passes and they become more comfortable with their everyday work. Regular training is a reminder that workers need to stay vigilant, assessing their environment, looking for unsafe machinery and utilizing their PPE. Furthermore, OSHA made this type of safety training mandatory. As mentioned, not following these regulations could cost your business thousands of dollars.

Warehouse Safety Tips with Specialized Storage

At Specialized Storage Solutions, we want to help our customers succeed in every aspect of their businesses. That is why we compiled this list of helpful warehouse safety tips. For more than 30 years, Specialized Storage Solutions has provided warehouse solutions to customers, helping them create space, maximize efficiency and improve profitability in their facilities. Contact us to learn more about how our experts can help you!