Pallet Rack Repair: 5 Important FAQs for Warehouse Safety

//Pallet Rack Repair: 5 Important FAQs for Warehouse Safety

A pallet rack system for a warehouse is engineered to be a high-performance structure. It is designed to support product loads many times its weight so you can have the most efficient warehouse storage possible. The components of each pallet rack are designed, manufactured, and tested against rigorous quality controls set in place by government-run safety organizations. The standards they put in place ensure that the rack system will safely perform with designed load applications corresponding to specific configurations. However, regular inspection and assessment are required to ensure long-term safety in your warehouse. In cases of damage to a pallet rack, making a repair is necessary. We’ve put together the most common FAQs about pallet rack repair below. Before you attempt any fixes yourself, review this information and speak to a professional about what you might need.

Why pallet rack repair matters

Pallet rack repair becomes necessary in most warehouses and distribution centers due to pallet rack damage from the impact of forklifts and reach-trucks. Typically, this type of damage occurs at the lower levels, leaving most of the upright structurally sound. Sometimes, the pressure to maintain continuous product flow overrides the necessity to replace damaged pallet racks. In these cases, however, you are leaving your business at a large risk. The potential damage to your space and your workers could lead to much larger financial issues down the road. When pallet rack damage occurs, your best option is to fix pallet racking immediately and protect it from rack failures or rack collapses.

Is there any risk if I wait to fix a pallet rack?

Component damage reduces the pallet rack’s carrying capacity and may ultimately lead to a catastrophic pallet rack collapse. The total cost of a rack collapse is staggering and typically far exceeds the value of the entire rack structure and stored product. Even worse, a collapse may lead to:

  • Serious injury or death
  • Higher insurance premiums, fines and legal expenses
  • Product, equipment and business loss
  • Expensive cleanup and replacement costs

With these potential issues in mind, warehouse safety should be your priority.

5 important FAQs for pallet rack repair

  1. Are inspections necessary?
    Warehouse racks should be visually inspected at least every six months to determine if there is a potential for a collapse. RMI/ANSI MH 16.1 specifications for new construction details a standard process for repairs. Regular inspections are important so that you don’t risk losing inventory or potential insurance risk.
  2. How do I know if my pallet rack needs to be repaired or replaced?
    You should have a storage expert come to your warehouse to assess your pallet racks. He or she will conduct a visual inspection with a tape measure. This will reveal whether the rack needs repairing or replacing. If any part of the rack is out of alignment more than a half-inch, the capacity reduces significantly.
  3. What goes into a rack safety inspection?
    An expert will examine every component of your pallet rack. This includes rack plumbness, diagonal and horizontal bracing, baseplates, anchoring methods, floor conditions, and beam safety connections. He or she will then prepare a report and proposal that details the cost associated with repairing it to meet RMI and OSHA standards.
  4. Is a permit required?
    Typically, you do not need a permit to perform rack repair or replacement. This is because you are just repairing an existing product. However, if you did not obtain a permit to do the initial work, you risk receiving a fine from a local building or fire inspector if they spot a violation.
  5. How can I repair a rack if I don’t know the manufacturer or how old it is?
    At Specialized Storage Solutions, our rack repair kits will fit any brand of the rack as long as it is properly measured and specified by a trained representative from Specialized Storage Solutions. The repair will make your rack stronger than the manufacturer’s standard products.

Specialized Storage Solutions for a safer warehouse

Specialized Storage Solutions offers a comprehensive pallet rack repair option. Our experts cut out the damaged areas of the rack, and add a cost-efficient sleeve and new post for a more impact resilient solution. We will come to your warehouse to assess the damage and inform you as to the proper next steps. Our team of experts has years of experience assessing pallet damage and recommending the right pallet rack repair. If you are not sure whether you have a problem, please contact us today or call the local rack repair specialists at Specialized Storage Solutions.