How Custom Fabrication Can Improve Your Warehouse Storage

//How Custom Fabrication Can Improve Your Warehouse Storage

Every business has different needs when it comes to warehousing and storage. Distribution centers and warehouses serve very different functions based on the business’s industry and the needs of that business’s customers. In addition, sometimes the traditional sizes of certain equipment do not suit the warehouse space. As a result, tailoring the design of every warehouse to those unique requirements is key. An experienced professional can design, engineer and install the necessary equipment to fit your business’s needs. This is referred to as custom fabrication, and it can be the best way to optimize the efficiency of your warehouse and maximize your space.

Why is Custom Fabrication the Best Option for My Business?

There are a lot of traditional options to choose from when it comes to warehouse design. However, it is possible and depending on your business, very likely that they do not fit your needs. In this case, custom fabrication is the best option.

3 Benefits of Custom Fabrication

Create Space

If your business is working out of a warehouse that is too small or unsuitable in any way, you could consider relocation. However, that is a huge business expense, as well as a hassle! The halt in business that needs to occur when a business relocates can be detrimental. However, custom fabrication can mitigate this problem. If you need more space but hate the idea of relocating, the right storage equipment can increase the size of your current space.

Maximize Efficiency

To be productive and profitable, a facility must be carefully designed. A professional can help you consider the most efficient method for organization, storage, and product retrieval. Improving your organization’s productivity and space utilization results in improved customer service, operational efficiency, and ultimately more profits. A professional can help you maximize efficiency within your space by:

  • Designing a warehouse layout optimization plan
  • Creating flexible areas
  • Streamlining internal processes

The process of custom fabrication includes all of these steps, ensuring maximum efficiency for your business.

Improve Safety

While you may be confident that your current layout and functionality is optimal, safety should also be a key consideration. Various regulatory bodies, including OSHA, require several warehouse standards. Your warehouse must meet these standards. Hiring a professional to ensure that everything is optimized from the perspective of functionality and efficiency improves safety for your staff. A professional will evaluate your current methods and processes for storage, order processing, and equipment utilization, and recommend practical cost-effective strategies to enhance productivity and put safety standards into place.

How Specialized Storage Can Help

Specialized Storage Solutions can provide custom fabrication of structural steel platforms, stairs, ladders, and mezzanines at competitive prices. Our team responds quickly to your requests for design, layout, and engineering within a 150-mile radius of our facility.  Our local Installation and Project Management team has over 30 years of broad application expertise in fabrication and design. This enables us to think outside the box. While this creativity allows for unique solutions, ensuring the safety of your assets is also a top priority. As a result, our team is also OSHA 30 trained and performs work anywhere within the 48-state mainland.

About Our Products

  • We perform field measurements, and our engineering staff can design footings and do concrete work to make us your one-stop source for any job.
  • Our platforms and mezzanines are 100 percent structural steel and bar-joist construction, which allows for spanning over longer distances, load capacities of up to 300 lbs per square foot, and superior resistance to forklift damage.
  •  Structural or roll-formed steel or structural aluminum platforms are standard. They can either be galvanized, powder-coated, or prime painted depending on your budget and desired finish.
  • There are many different deck types available in aluminum, steel, stainless steel, or plywood, resindeck, and Advantech. You can choose from bar or plank grating, flat steel plate, or any of these surfaces over corrugated b-decking depending on your budget and need.
  • Integrate shelving, automated robots, guided vehicles, and rack or pick modules in mezzanines and platforms for maximum efficiency.