Tips for Designing an Efficient On-Demand Warehouse

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On-demand warehousing is generating more and more demand as online retail skyrockets. Especially in the current climate, retail businesses that use platforms like Etsy and Shopify need more room to store their product. As a result, having an on-demand warehouse to advertise for use to these businesses is extremely profitable. However, to ensure that you are optimizing your current warehouse space, thoughtful design is crucial. Several nationwide organizations now offer on-demand space for these types of businesses, including Flexe, Stord, and Ware2Go. In order to be successful copying the model of these businesses, try implementing some of the following warehouse design tips.

4 Tips for Designing an On-demand Warehouse

The following considerations will help you build a top-tier on-demand warehouse.

1: Install a variety of different storage options.

Most on-demand warehouse facilities measure and rent out their space according to pallets. For example, they might advertise slots of different quantities. While some space may be unnecessarily large for some potential clients, it’s a good idea to offer alternative industrial shelving. This will attract a wide range of businesses.

For example, your storage options should include industrial racking, galvanized pallet racking, bins, and more.

2: Consider structures to optimize warehouse space.

It’s forecast that the need for on-demand warehousing will continue to rise; in fact, the number of warehouses can barely keep up with storage needs. To help combat this, consider ways to optimize the space you already have. One of the most effective methods to increase space is the use of a mezzanine. A warehouse mezzanine can give you twice or even three times as much floor space to work with, thereby offering plenty more space to rent out.

3: Use clear and consistent signage.

Optimized signage is necessary throughout the warehouse. Part of the responsibility that comes with running an on-demand warehouse is picking and packing orders for shipping and delivery. This is especially important if you have multiple clients; you need to keep an accurate count of what is being stored. This ensures that you’re sending out the correct products. Install signs above and below each product as a best practice.

4: Ensure accessibility for ease of use.

As well as offering carton flow racks to your clients to ensure that older items can be easily selected first, think about other ways to enhance the accessibility of materials. This could mean installing rolling ladders to enable quick access to items stored up high, or analyzing the appropriate space according to customer needs.

If you’ll be renting your space to several clients, some are likely to have a high order flow turnover. In this case, it makes sense for their items to be stored in a more easily accessible place. Similarly, the most popular products for all your customers should be stored in a prime spot or hot zone.

The Best Way to Optimize Warehouse Design

Choosing the right partner to help you optimize your warehouse is the best way to ensure success. Many manufacturers and distributors of warehouse storage solutions fall short of providing comprehensive service. Seek a partner with years of expertise in designing custom warehouse solutions that directly address your business needs. The right partner will not only provide top-quality materials, mezzanines, and material lifts, and more, but will also yield their time to discuss your business needs and unique ideas. Together, you can create a space that achieves your goals, optimizes the space, increases efficiency, and improves profitability for your business.

Specialized Storage Can Help You

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