4 Key Benefits to Optimizing Your Warehouse Space

Warehouse managers know they have a big job to do: assessing, improving, and maintaining a key component of their company’s logistics cycle. With the right tools and a little guidance, warehouse managers can optimize their warehouse space and reap major benefits. For example, increased warehouse space can improve employee engagement and provide more value to employers and potential investors. For some managers, this may mean using third-party storage, additional trailers or simply leasing additional floor space in another warehouse. More savvy managers will partner with a warehouse solutions company to optimize their existing space in ways they never considered. In these scenarios, businesses save time and money by enlisting professionals with years of experience to solve their capacity problems. While implementing warehouse storage organization ideas may seem daunting or tedious, doing so can provide so many benefits.

#1: Increasing Employee Productivity

Improving your warehouse space can make your employees more productive. By assessing your current workflow, making changes, and optimizing operations, you can create more warehouse space. With a more comfortable environment to do their jobs, employee performance is likely to improve. It is also very likely that these changes will make your employees’ jobs easier to perform and more streamlined. Overall, more productive employees provide side benefits, including decreased labor costs and increased numbers of orders your staff can fulfill in a given period of time.

#2: Improving Organization and Flow

If your current warehouse layout is forcing you to pack, ship, and store products in an unorganized or chaotic way, likely your operations are suffering. Whether you stock pallets all in the same size (hint: you shouldn’t!) or you have an overstock of slow-moving product, it can be difficult to keep your warehouse organized. By optimizing your storage space to increase your overall capacity, you can improve organization and therefore, the flow of operations.

Additionally, an organized warehouse makes it easy for your employees to pick products, reducing the amount of time it takes to complete orders. Finally, an organized warehouse can instill greater confidence in your vendors when they tour your facility, increasing the chances that they’ll continue to patronize your business.

#3: Avoiding Missed Sales

By using some warehouse space organization ideas to improve your facility’s storage capacity, you can minimize the chances that you’ll miss out on sales. Simply put, increased storage equals more product. The more product that you are able to store, the more you are able to sell. With extra product now fitting nicely into your warehouse or distribution center, you will be able to fulfill more orders in a timely manner. This removes the dreaded “backorder” process and the potential for missing out on sales. In short, it will improve your bottom line.

#4: Saving Money, Time & Resources

Storing more product means ordering more product from your vendors. Even more important, you can order product in bulk, which can save you money if you order from suppliers who discount based on quantity. In addition, increasing warehouse space means you won’t have to invest in a larger space, a third-party facility, or trailer for storage. Finally, increased space and improved workflow likely mitigate any existing safety issues. With more space to work, employee injuries will decrease and as mentioned, productivity will increase.

Specialized Storage Can Help Your Business

We know there are a number of different warehouse equipment companies that can help you. We’re different. At Specialized Storage, we think outside the box. This helps us to ask the right questions and develop a custom warehouse capacity solution for your business. One of our experts will arrive at your facility and ask questions about your business. He or she will fully understand your needs and future objectives before making a recommendation. Our custom warehouse layout design plan will optimize your warehouse space and help to improve your bottom line. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, and service. We provide warehouse solutions that will yield a positive ROI for your company.

Contact us to learn how you can increase space, maximize efficiency, and improve profitability! Also, be sure to check out our blog for information and resources concerning the storage industry.