FDNY Radio Repair Shop

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FDNY Radio Repair Shop

In short Bill, to me you are the embodiment of what American business should be ­- quality, service, integrity, hard work and a sincere desire to do the right thing for your customers.Ramsey Dabby, FDNY Chief Architect


After 9/11/2001, the FDNY needed to replace all the radios in their fire trucks throughout NY City, as well as fill a workspace with specialized technician benches and shelving.


After surveying the existing and growing inventory, it was determined by Specialized Storage Solutions that the proposed mezzanine from another supplier would not meet the future storage needs of the FDNY radio repair shop. We met with the Chief Architect of the FDNY and the supervisors and end users, and redesigned the space with the correct mezzanine size and unique technician benches and shelving to meet their needs.


Specialized Storage Solutions has now become the preferred vendor for the FDNY and has installed equipment including cantilever rack, pushback rack, mezzanines, modular cabinets and drawers in many warehouses and Fire Stations in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan.