Fred Beans Wholesale Parts

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Fred Beans Parts bought a new building in 1995 and needed to house parts for each of his 22 dealerships and other wholesale operations in the New Jersey Pennsylvania region.


They needed a company that was capable of handling a large job, that knew automotive parts distribution, and that could help them get the best utilization of space in the building. Specialized Storage Solutions recommended the installation of a combination Borroughs shelving supported and structural steel mezzanine for their NAPA Auto Parts franchise and wholesale parts business.


Since 1995 the mezzanine has expanded to over 12,000 square feet and we have been called back to do layout and design of many other areas of the building and have installed used bulk racks, dock levelers, tire racks, sheet metal racks, modular offices, and modular drawers. We are one of their preferred vendors and have also been contacted by several of their car dealers to install the same equipment.