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Mezzanine Flooring and Decking

Choosing the right flooring material for your mezzanine is important. At Specialized Storage Solutions we provide many different flooring options for our Strongbox Mezzanines and would be happy to guide you on what type you need.


Before choosing the flooring for your mezzanine platform, consider the following questions:

  • How much (and what type of) traffic will the floor be exposed to?
  • Will the floor need to hold a specific amount of weight?
  • Do you need light and sprinkler water to go through the floor?
  • Will the floors be cleaned often?
  • Will heavy machinery be placed upon the mezzanine floor?

The type of decking used in the aisles depends on what the application is. Resindeck or composite decking installed over corrugated decking is typically used in scenarios where there is heavy cart or pallet jack usage, and where long-term durability is a major concern. You will typically require the installation of sprinklers below the deck to compensate for product density even though the corrugated steel deck acts as a fire baffle. Bar grating is a very common and durable method of deck used with the catwalk mezzanine, and is typically used where there is a desire for air flow or light needing to penetrate through the deck to the lower level. Even though the steel grating allows for 80 percent pass-through of air and water, most building code officials will still require the installation of sprinklers under the deck to prevent fires from spreading. Aluminum plank grating is also frequently used with catwalk mezzanines in environments with heavy foot traffic,, but it just does not hold up well in environments where there is constant cart usage because the aluminum is soft and point loads cause it to deflect significantly.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about mezzanine flooring options. You can call us at (973) 587-8876 or reach out online, through our Contact page.