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Modular Offices

Modular offices are an excellent way to add more space to your facility in a quick and cost-effective manner. They are easy to install, and so cause minimal disruption. If you need to create additional office space, contact Specialized Storage Solutions for our superior range of modular offices.

Modular walls and structures are the most economical, flexible, and efficient ways to create additional office, cleanroom, or production space within your facility. It eliminates the need to build or rent more space, and can be designed for single-story or multi-level offices or vision towers above work areas. Common applications include equipment enclosures, cleanrooms, offices, in-plant offices, and environmentally controlled spaces. The walls can be prewired to accept electrical, voice, and data communication and can also be designed to be load-bearing where space is at a premium.

Benefits of Modular Offices

They are both cheaper and faster than new construction. However, those aren’t the only benefits. Here are some others:

  • Fast installation – So your facility’s operations aren’t disrupted for long.
  • Mess-free installation – So you can save time and money on cleanup, and don’t have to seal off areas
  • Pre-engineered – No need to hire an architect or engineer!
  • Adaptable – Modular offices can easily be modified or moved when needed
  • Sound control – They can be customized to increase sound resistance
  • Tax advantages – Modular offices qualify for a 7-year depreciation period, as opposed to conventional construction which depreciates over 39 years

Numerous Applications

Modular offices can be used in a number of applications, including:

  • Conference rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • Machine enclosures
  • Break rooms
  • Lunchrooms and cafeterias
  • Foreman offices
  • Guard booths

Contact us today for well-built and custom-designed modular offices that’ll increase the available space at your facility.