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Does your facility lack office space for warehouse employees or supervisors? Are you thinking about moving to a bigger, more expensive location to accommodate your growing business? If so, consider a Strongbox Mezzanine with a modular office instead.

Mezzanines can optimize the space in your current facility while at the same time provide you with the option for an office above or below. You can create additional office space while also increasing your warehouse production space.

A combination mezzanine and modular office provides many advantages. They:

  • Optimize floor space by moving offices “upstairs”
  • Come fully prepped with LED light fixtures, HVAC, modular electric, and tiled floors
  • Are easier to install and less costly than traditional stick-built offices
  • Made with structural steel columns and beams and are modular, making for ultimate flexibility in placement
  • Come with pre-assembled stair treads and hand rails for quick installation
  • Are installed by one contractor instead of multiple contractors
  • Are considered capital equipment and are fully depreciable in one year as opposed to stick built construction

You can also customize your office space with options that include:

  • Sound control to minimize noise from machinery
  • Insulation for energy efficiency—work in comfort without blasting the heat or AC
  • Fire retardant designs with a one-hour rating
  • Prewired walls to accept electrical, voice and data communication
  • Load-bearing walls designed to hang pictures, monitors, cabinets, and equipment
  • 2-floor office—where space permits, you can even add 2 floors to your office space

Call Specialized Storage Solutions today to discuss office space options with one of our mezzanine and modular office experts.