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OTG Management furnishes all food clothing, and sundry items to all the shops and restaurants at Newark Airport. They had no ability to secure or control their liquor, clothing, and perishable food service inventory, resulting in over-ordering and an inability to control costs. They also had no room for growth, resulting in multiple locations and lack of control over inventory.


They were referred to Specialized Storage Solutions by Frazier Industrial Company and we quickly determined that the best solution was to utilize a series of high-density shelving systems to make the best use of the space and meet their goals. We were able to maximize the number of pick faces in perishable and beverage coolers , organize the storage and double the capacity of each area, gain access to 100% of all inventory, and secure and centralize each storage area in order to control inventory.


OTG has saved over $100,000 in pilferage costs and has been able to centralize their inventory while implementing a new order-processing system to control the inventory. Employees are still dealing with inventory in small spaces, but they have centralized and secured the liquor room, sundry storage and clothing, making it easier to control costs. We are looking forward to implementing the same system in other airports around the Country.