PSE&G – Custom Fabrication

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PSE&G wanted to solve a safety and handling issue regarding their heavy cable reels. They needed a way to safely store reels as large as 8’ in diameter and eliminate damage when being handled by their large lift equipment, and needed a storage system that would allow them to safely remove snow and ice in order for the lift equipment to work properly.


Specialized Storage Solutions designed and tested several prototypes and together with PSE & G personnel came up with a modular heavy angle cradle able to withstand abuse and handle the different diameter reels. The angles of the cradles had to be specially designed to fit between the wheels of the lift truck and to be high enough to store both large and small reels so the forks could fit beneath the reels to properly place them down without incident.


PSE&G has ordered these special cradles for several yards and we are anticipating that these reel cradles will become a standard item in each of their yards throughout the state.