Satin Fine Foods

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Satin Fine Foods was moving into a new facility because their business was expanding by leaps and bounds. They had an existing mixer support platform that was outdated and changes needed to be made.


Specialized Storage Solutions was called in to engineer, design, and fabricate a Strongbox Mezzanine mixer support platform with an aluminum diamond plate deck to triple the production capabilities at Satin Fine Foods. The structure had to be durable enough to prevent vibration while the extruders were in use and we also had to weld the seams of the deck to form a “pan” with drains so that the equipment could be washed down daily.


Specialized Storage Solutions has since been called in to double the size of the Strongbox Mezzanine structure, marry the existing deck to the new one, and weld the new platform as required in the same manner. We anticipate having to return when the customer expands further into another building.