Office Space Analysis and Design

modular office layout

Office space analysis and design is crucial to functioning efficiently and effectively. It’s much the same as distribution and production because it must eliminate wasted time and work to avoid bottlenecks in order processing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable, making sure vendors are paid on time and credit remains in good standing. We will meet with facility management and operations to determine space and requirements for each department, plans for expansion, interdepartmental work flow, storage requirements, meeting room requirements, reception requirements, and other information crucial to your business image and strategy.

Specialized Storage Solutions will survey your building (new or existing), analyze your organizational structure, and even audit furniture and equipment that you may wish to reuse. With this information, we are able to set ‘space standards for every aspect of your business. We can work out how much square footage is required for individuals in different roles and departments to function effectively, including their exact storage and furniture needs. From this, we can also identify areas where more space is needed or if there are opportunities to streamline and see if you would benefit from a mezzanine or modular office layout.

A workplace analysis can be used to help you decide whether to relocate to a new space or refurbish your existing space, upgrading it to a modular office layout, mezzanine office, or other office design. Regardless of the choice to refurbish or move, Specialized Storage Solutions can provide the most efficient layout and design for your office space.

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