Star Stainless Screw – Yellow Woods Division

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Yellow Woods needed to develop a better method of handling, weighing, processing, and handling boxes of fasteners shipped out via Federal Express and UPS. The assorted order sizes presented problems with lifting heavy packages, weighing, and merging them to maximize time and effort.


Specialized Storage Solutions, a preferred vendor for Star Stainless since 1995, worked with Cestone Electric to utilize existing and new conveyor components with new powered conveyor and ball transfer tables to eliminate heavy lifting of packages and improve the overall packaging process. The clerks do not have to lift anything up and can weigh packages more quickly without incident.


Yellow Woods has ordered another conveyor with ball transfer tables specifically for one large volume customer in order to do the same process improvement. This time there are eight pick/pack stations and the area is more than four times the size of the original area, indicating their confidence in our ability to meet their need. We assisted Cestone Electric in the specification and design of the entire room and look forward to the next project in another facility.