Driver Cages

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Driver & Building Access Cages / Protect Visitors

Keep your facility safe & secure with a WireCrafters Driver Cage. Ideal for Distribution Centers, Factory Floors, Shipping & Receiving Docks and anywhere else where you need to keep visitors from wandering around your facility.


Partition walls made of wire mesh surround building entry doors, holding truck drivers in a defined area until met by company personnel. The wire partitions open but secure design gives you control without the need for additional lighting, HVAC or sprinkler systems.

We recommend equipping your Driver Cage with a full-width push bar. Other locking options, including 5-button coded access, card readers & remote push buttons are available.

Quick Ship

WireCrafters stocks panels, posts, doors & service windows allowing us to configure a Drivers Cage for Quick Ship. A typical Drivers Cage has three sides & butts up to an existing building wall. Because our stock panels come in one foot increments we can configure most any size cage.

Driver Cage Accessories

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