Should You Stay or Should You Go?

NAPDP2180055The expansion of the Panama Canal and the raising of the Bayonne Bridge in the NY Metro area will have a great impact on the overall economy and the ever changing e-commerce landscape. Larger container ships will be transporting more goods in and out of the Tri-state area which will affect many of our area businesses. Are you ready, willing, and able to compete in the new e-commerce age?

With this new shift going on there will need to be more space utilization. many of our customers are asking this exact question – “Should I stay or should I move?”. This question mostly is revolved around space and modernization.

At Specialized Storage Solutions, we understand this can be a big business decision with a lot of different factors involved and we can help. Some of the factors needing to be weighed if you are thinking of moving is geography of clients, skill and availability of labor force, tax implications and real estate prices. But before you decide to just high tail and move, you may want to understand if you can make it work where you are.

We help businesses walk through some of these questions and considerations with our workplace analysis which helps evaluate the ability of your current space to accomplish your company vision and goals. We help analyze current space utilization, efficiency of workflow, age of equipment and if you are planning to modernize, growth plans – both personnel and equipment, and the effect of business disruption to help you determine whether you should stay or go.

Regardless of your final decision, Specialized has the appropriate knowledge and expertise to help ensure that you are ready for expanding e-commerce landscape.

If you are asking this question about your company, call us today at (973) 227-0018 or fill out the More Information form to the left, so that we can help you make the best, most informed decision for you.