Operational Efficiency Analysis

warehouse space utilization

The purpose of an operational efficiency analysis is to define the most appropriate layout to maximize work flow, process flow, production, and distribution—all to enhance your office, department, and warehouse space utilization. This is based on many factors including building size, process layout, the number of employees and their functions, labor output, plans for growth, budgetary requirements, storage requirements and customer needs. Our common sense operational efficiency analyses are appropriate for any business environment, whether for the office, parts & service departments, or your warehouse. We will attempt to show you ways to gain a good return on your investment while benefitting from the best use of equipment, not necessarily the ownership of it.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you are operating as efficiently as possible.

  1. Do you have any inventory on the floor and no room to put it away on shelves or racks?
  2. Do you have trouble finding inventory or order excessive amounts of a product because you can’t find it?
  3. Do you have trouble getting orders out the door on time?
  4. Do you have an abnormal amount of empty shelves or rack space?
  5. Do you have a lot of unused overhead space?
  6. Do you have rack or excessive product damage as a result of fork lift impact?
  7. Do you store your most active items closest to the parts counter?
  8. Do you have employees standing around and not being productive enough to warrant what you pay them?
  9. Do you have trouble determining how much it costs to run the warehouse or office operation?
  10. Do you have bottlenecks at certain points in your facility due to inefficient processes?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may need Specialized Storage Solutions to provide a free operational analysis. We will review your current environment and determine how we can help you with your storage, process flow, organizational, warehouse space utilization needs.

Part of our analysis identifies opportunities to increase productivity within both your office and warehouse processes. Each industry we serve is competitive and top performers excel at managing expenses and efficiencies within their respective operations. The challenge is to establish priorities within the operation to maximize profitability and determine the best way to attain efficiency goals. The primary benefits of an operational analysis include:

  • Finding ways to reduce expenses
  • Optimizing resource allocation
  • Regaining precision focus on top priorities

Specialized Storage also can direct you to the right tools to meet or exceed your goals for increased efficiency and efficient warehouse space utilization. Let us get you started on the path to take advantage of the cost savings your company can achieve through maximizing productivity from the lobby to the loading dock.

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