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Strongbox Mezzanine Systems


The Economical Solution to Expanding Your Storage Space

When your rapidly-growing business demands additional storage space, Strongbox Mezzanine Systems offer an alternative to expensive, inconvenient facility renovation or warehouse relocation.  Engineered to bring you the strength of structural steel at an economical cost, a prefabricated Strongbox Mezzanine system lets you turn any unused space into a new vision tower, office, warehouse, storage, cafeteria, or production area.  You can actually double your storage capacity in any new space!  What’s more, since free-standing mezzanines are considered capital equipment, installing a Strongbox Mezzanine system rather than expanding your building allows you to avoid additional property taxes and take advantage of more favorable depreciation rates.

Safety and Strength

Strongbox Mezzanine Systems are engineered and manufactured to meet AISC standards and can be designed to support up to 300 pounds per square foot.  They will meet all seismic zone requirements, with a deflection limit of L/360 over any span, which eliminates the sponginess found with other mezzanines engineered for L.300 over the span.  The Strongbox system, which uses ASTM A325 high-strength bolt connections, offers the industry’s strongest and most durable option for economical storage.

Flexibility to Meet Any Storage Need

Strongbox Mezzanines are completely custom and modular systems available in a variety of options that can be configured to your unique building requirements.  Lightweight beams or bar joists facilitate installation over existing shelving or machinery to reduce downtime, while easy add-on components enable expansion of the system when you need more space. Strongbox Mezzanines are installed completely independent of building walls and their modular components can be simply and quickly dismantled when you need to move or relocate your inventory.

Your Competitive Edge

Strongbox Mezzanine Systems have been designed to take advantage of all unused space and to be easily installed. This product is the result of over 30 years experience in fabrication, facility design and layout, gained through solving space problems for industries as diverse as: hospitals, R&D facilities, automobile dealerships, pharmaceutical companies, flavor and fragrance manufacturers, contractors warehouses and data centers, utilities, 3PL distribution centers, and storage facilities.  Integration with pick modules, conveyors and rack or shelving systems can be accomplished as well. Friendly, knowledgeable personnel are eager to answer your inquiries, help you assess your needs and respond quickly to requests for proposals.  Your Strongbox Mezzanine system can be delivered and installed in as little as 6 weeks from initial order without any backordered parts.  Professionally-sealed, detailed installation drawings are included with each system design, enabling you to secure the necessary permits quickly and economically without delaying project completion. Our engineering staff can also provide written calculations where required, and our installation team can also provide footings where required to make Specialized Storage Solutions your one-stop shop to complete your project.

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