mezzanine platform

Mezzanines can help you double the capacity of any available space overnight without incurring the cost of new construction. The mezzanine platform, which supported the mezzanine office, reduces the need to lease additional space by enabling you to utilize the overhead space within your facility. In addition, the ground level space below the mezzanine platform serves as another storage space, reducing clutter, promoting safety, and increasing efficiency. We design, fabricate and install mezzanine systems, which can be used for storage, order picking, conveyor support, office space, lunch or break rooms, tool cribs, and locker rooms.

There are generally three types of mezzanines or multi-level systems available to help make the best use of the space in your facility—catwalk, shelving supported, or structural steel (see below for images of each of these types of mezzanines). The type of mezzanine or multi-tier selected depends on your budget, picking operation, type of product to be stored, building clear heights, and local building codes. The best way to determine the right product for the application is to have an experienced professional ask the right questions pertaining to these issues, have them interpret the data, and turn that into an efficient storage system.

To read more about the differences and benefits of each type of mezzanine – view our mezzanine resource guide here.

Feel free to contact us with any comments or questions you may have about mezzanine systems.

Specialized Storage Solutions proudly uses Strongbox mezzanines for our installation. Strongbox is a trusted brand engineered for safety, durability, and economy. The flexibility of Strongbox, along with the expertise of Specialized Storage Solutions, provides you a solution for any of your space needs. View the Strongbox brochure here to read more about how Strongbox is the only brand you need.


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