Art File Storage

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Art File Storage

We also manufacture the most flexible high-density storage system available to store art work, job tickets, circuit boards, supplies, film positives and printing plates, and it’s made to fit any space or budget.

Our patented poly or aluminum hangers are made to work with our standard heavy-duty tag and see-through vinyl jackets, and can be modified to work with boxes, file folders, artwork, blueprints, or t-shirt transfers. Customers have discovered new uses for our system every year.

The X-Span rack system is available in one to five-tier storage levels, and this type of material storage racks can be made in widths up to eight feet. Compare that with the leading competitor’s three-tier system, which comes in widths of only up to four feet. The newest products in our family are the glide-out racks and cabinets, as well as the portable worktables, which can improve the efficiency of any workplace.

Our Big Blueprint Hanger and Pathfinder X-Span rack systems can be adapted to store hanging print files, hanging art files, film files, maps, iron-on transfers and any other oversized documents you need to store. It’s ideal for art and drafting storage for both your drafting supplies and artwork. We manufacture see-thru vinyl jackets, durable tag jackets, and can provide material storage racks to fit any space or budget. Our pH neutral file storage jackets are strong, efficient, and inexpensive and are designed specifically for archival print file storage and production control.

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