Material Lifts

warehouse design and layout

Vertical parts lifts enhance the productivity of any automobile dealership, parts facility, or warehouse that has multiple levels of storage. The lifts can be installed in a pit or can be surface mounted utilizing a ramp for access, providing access through mezzanines or any floor in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, parts departments, or self-storage facilities. They can be engineered to hold up to 6,000 lbs., can be single or double-wide, cantilevered or double-mast, and can reach virtually any heights or multiple floors. A lift can take your warehouse design and layout to a whole new level – literally.

Compared to gas and electrical lifts, material lifts are cost-effective and low-maintenance while equally productive. Because of its affordability, users don’t have to waste money renting the lift equipment. And, compared to fork lifts, it is a much safer option.

Vertical parts lifts mobilize the warehouse design; combined with the personalized storage layout, employees who use the lift leverage the storage space’s capabilities. With greater productivity and faster loading and unloading times, the vertical parts lifts utilize warehouse solutions to speed up shipping times, providing a consistent, excellent customer service. And, because of this, businesses receive more referrals and a large, consistent customer base—what we call, business growth.

Check out our Material Lifts Portfolio to see how this lift equipment, combined with a detailed warehouse design and layout plan, is beneficial. Contact us today to discuss options for adding a vertical parts lift to your warehouse. 

Material Lifts Portfolio

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