Engineered Rack Repair and Plant Safety

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Engineered Rack Repair and Plant Safety

Repairing your rack instead of replacing it is a cost-effective solution to reducing damage and keep your warehouse racking design from crumbling. In most cases, you don’t have to unload the rack, just the pallets on the floor around the uprights that need to be replaced. Our repair kits will meet or exceed both RMI and the original rack manufacturer’s specifications. Specialized Storage Solutions rack repair kits will:

  • Ensure that your warehouse racking system and warehouse space is used most efficiently
  • Help prevent rack damage from fork lift impact
  • Increase lift truck operator safety
  • Reduce product damage
  • Reduce OSHA violations and workers compensation claims
  • Lower your liability insurance

To download the Rack Repair Kit information, Click Here

If you prefer a professional to help you inspect your facility, Specialized Storage Solutions, a leader in the warehouse solutions industry, conducts safety audits for our customers that improve the operational efficiency and overall safety of their warehouses. We will provide a detailed analysis of the existing system and its potential hazards, recommend a solution to solve the problem and submit a proposal that can be implemented without disruption to your operation. Some of the topics covered are proper anchoring, upright and beam capacities, proper rack bracing, column protection from fork lift impact, personnel protection, and accident prevention. We will even make recommendations to help increase the storage capacity of your system and make sure your space is being utilized most efficiently.

Call us today to talk about rack repair, safety audits, and fortifying your warehouse racking design and improving your operation.