Custom Fabrication of Platforms, Racks, and Cabinets

steel mezzanine

Specialized Storage Solutions has manufactured many quality products not considered to be off-the-shelf items since 1990. We will sit down with our customer and ask the right questions to determine their needs, and will come up with a cost-effective custom-designed solution at a comparable price to standard items. This includes not just customized and personalized layouts and designs but custom fabrication and platforms as well. We have custom made stainless steel chutes for mixers in the food service industry, stainless steel tables for the medical device industry, sinks for washdown areas, carts, cabinets, and ladders for service platforms, as well as galvanized steel mezzanine systems, stairs, HVAC towers, and rails. Our broad industry expertise and application knowledge help us to think outside the box and meet our customer’s changing needs at a competitive price.

At Specialized Storage Solutions, we are always on the lookout, trying to be two steps ahead of the storage solutions industry, finding new products to customize and fabricate to serve our customers’ needs. Combine this with Configura® ‘s space-planning software, our 80 years of sales experience, and 25 plus years in the storage solutions industry, and we can assure you that we will produce quality customizable, fabricated equipment to enhance your storage space.


Custom Fabrication Portfolio