We Create Space


Whether your business is growing or you are consolidating your facilities, you encounter challenges with storage, filing, and staffing requirements. Adding products, manufacturing lines, services, and customers brings a need for more space, which may be gained in your existing building. What if you could double your space at a fraction of the cost of permanent brick and mortar expansion? What if you could leverage the space you have now, using it in an efficient, innovative way that enhances business growth? The reality is, you may not need to lease more space or build out. You may just need a mezzanine structure installed so you have more space on the ground level below it and in the mezzanine office itself. Or you may benefit from warehouse racking solutions to fit more pallets. Or, other than a mezzanine structure and racking system, you may need a clean room design.

Let us show you how this is possible; we can create space for you. Click here to read about Should You Stay or Should You Go? By reading this, you will gain a better perspective whether you should lease a larger facility or maximize your existing space. Either way, it is an indicator that your business is growing and on a positive projectory for business growth in the future.

Contact us today for a free space-saving audit. Using our 25 years of experience in the storage solutions industry, we are happy to answer any and all questions, comments, or concerns you may have about enhancing your space so that it works for you, not the other way around. Contact us today for a free space-saving audit.