Safety Audits

how to improve warehouse operations

For more than 25 years, Specialized Storage Solutions has helped to provide safer working environments for our clients by performing detailed safety audits of their warehouse operations. We provide cost-effective solutions to correct existing and potential safety hazards on work platforms, in rack systems, and where employees must be protected from crossing into the path of warehouse equipment or machinery. We make sure your rack system is anchored and properly installed and braced and will look for any signs of potential damage to your storage systems. We’ll even carefully review your warehouse layout to make sure that the storage system you currently have is correctly laid out and is the right size for your inventory needs. (Our rack repair services are even guaranteed to meet or exceed the original rack manufacturer and RMI specifications!) From our analysis, we can determine if you could benefit from warehouse layout optimization to improve safety measures for your operation. We can also provide you warehouse layout tips on how to improve warehouse operations to make them safer, and more productive and efficient.

Our safety audits can help you minimize product damage and liability, reduce OSHA and workers compensation violations, improve warehouse layout optimization and lower your liability insurance. Learn how to improve warehouse operations, maximize space, reduce fire hazards, banish clutter, decrease employee stress, and create a safer, happier work environment for your employees.

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