Configura: A Perfect Compliment to Our Expertise

warehouse layout design


At Specialized Storage Solutions we use cutting-edge technology like Configura┬«, a powerful design tool, which, combined with our expertise allows us to offer our clients unbeatable service. Regardless of our clients’ needs we harness the power of Configura to provide a 3-dimensional visualization of our proposal. If we are making a warehouse more efficient, productivity-friendly, and profitable, we can use Configura to provide our clients a warehouse layout design unlike any other. The same applies to a steel mezzanine office or cleanroom design. It is this space-planning tools’ ability to turn the complex, using space-planning technology, into a simplified and realistic design that makes it beneficial for our clients.

These images give our clients the confidence that our proposal is the right solution to meet their desired goals. The Configura system allows us to link all the various steps in the process, simplifies any modifications to layouts and provides easy importing of Autocad drawings. Check out the examples below to gain a better understanding of how Configura is used in the space solutions industry and how might you benefit from it.

Examples of how we use Configura include:

  • [intlink id=”83″ type=”page”]Optimizing office, retail, or warehouse layout design[/intlink] to take advantage of the space
  • Improving the [intlink id=”81″ type=”page”]space utilization and efficiency of a warehouse[/intlink]
  • Maximizing the [intlink id=”85″ type=”page”]efficiency of a materials handling and storage system[/intlink]
  • Revamping [intlink id=”118″ type=”page”]storage for enhanced productivity[/intlink]
  • Upgrading an auto dealer’s [intlink id=”1685″ type=”page”]service or parts department to increase performance[/intlink]warehouse layout designwarehouse layout designwarehouse layout design

warehouse layout design