Wire Partition Security Fencing

mezzanine structure

Wire partition security fencing is a common method of securing storage areas in many facilities including clients in data centers, raw material storage in manufacturing facilities, and DEA and quarantine areas in flavors and fragrance and pharmaceutical facilities. A unique application for this product is securing the front, side, and rear face of pallet rack where high-value merchandise is stored. Depending on the level of security you desire, access to these areas can be gained via key card, keypad, key lock, padlock lugs, or magnetic locks. Despite it being hard to break in, wire partition security fencing actually is very customizable and is convenient for any of your security needs. Fencing typically is stackable, meaning height can vary depending on the size of the space and materials you want to secure. It can box in material storage racks, cabinets, storage rooms, a mezzanine structure, and more.

Especially at night, when no one is in or near your facility, a non-secure storage space can lure in the opportunistic passerby. If certain products are stolen from your facility, your business could suffer severe physical and monetary damages. With partition security fencing, you decrease the chances of that happening. The heavy wired fencing material ensures intruders don’t get their hands on valuable materials in your storage space.They are great for turning off opportunists, as well as controlling who can and cannot access the materials. No matter what area you decide to secure—be it a mezzanine structure, office space, or storage rack—partition security fencing makes your business safer.


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