9 Ways Modular Implant Office Positively Impacts Your Warehouse Layout Design

modular inplant officeModular walls and structures are some of the most flexible and economical spaces to incorporate into your warehouse layout design. Not only are these offices and rooms easy to assemble and disassemble but they can be single- or multi-level.

Thanks to modular construction, employee morale should improve, inventory will be better organized, all of which contribute to a positive return on investment (ROI).

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • How modular construction saves companies money
  • Why they are so efficient
  • What makes modular office spaces cost-effective and environmentally friendly
  • The impact it has on warehouse operations
  • Among several others benefits

1. They are Versatile

Are you re-arranging your warehouse and need to move your modular inplant office? Has your business grown and you’re considering relocating to a larger space to accommodate your ever-expanding inventory?

No matter whether you are moving to another warehouse facility or want to re-design your current space, rest assured knowing that you can easily re-use, expand, and reallocate your modular office.

If you want to add another modular office, you can. If you want to add a vision tower adjacent to your modular office, you can. If you want to make your raise your single-level modular office, again, you can. The point is, this is what makes modular construction so appealing to use in warehouse facilities: it’s versatile—you can use it to fit your business needs.

2. They are High Quality and the Craftsmanship is Consistent

Since the modular office is very flexible, it can be built to the exact specifications to accommodate your warehouse space. Even if your space requires a smaller or larger than average modular office, the craftsmanship, materials, and quality don’t change.

3. They are Quick to Install

Did you know modular construction requires less installation time versus standard construction? This is because modular projects utilize pre-engineered panels, which takes less time to put together than starting from scratch.

This applies to disassembly, relocating, and refurbishing as well since there is less of a demand for raw materials and it requires less time and energy.

What this means is that your modular office can be put to good use in less time and you can see the positive results faster—less micro-managing, boost in employee morale, and better productivity to name a few.

4. They are Cost-Effective

Compared to brick and mortar expansions, quicker installation and low maintenance makes modular inplant offices a more cost-effective option.

Add to this the fact that, because of their quick assembly, you can utilize the office a lot faster in your warehouse operations. From a two-tier modular office, warehouse managers can easily observe the daily “comings and goings, “and assist employees faster should they need a hand.

Managers can also spot high-performing employees and reward them for their hard work. This, in itself, can incentivize employees to perform at the same high level, which can lead to better productivity and higher job satisfaction—all of which further helps to reduce costs.

As Forbes states, employees who are satisfied with their jobs are less likely to seek other employment. Less job turnover means that companies save more money since the median turnover cost is 21% of an employee’s annual salary.[1]

It is safe to say that modular inplant offices in a number of ways yield a positive return on investment. (Speaking of cost-effective, read “Save More Money; Think Outside the Box With These Warehouse Solutions.)

5. They are Environmentally Friendly

Modular inplant offices are more environmentally friendly than your standard office; modular construction minimizes dust and other contaminants while, at the same time, passing (or surpassing) LEED-certified specs.

6. You Get a Tax Advantage When Installing a Modular Office

That’s right; modular construction is considered capital equipment; instead of 39 years for conventional construction, the project costs with modular construction can be depreciated over 7 years. This is but another cost-effective way modular offices keep money in your pockets.

7. Like Conventional Construction, Modular Construction Abides by Building Codes and Standards

Just because modular offices use pre-engineered panels and are easy to install does not mean building codes and standards go out the window.

As we mentioned earlier, the pre-engineered panels and craftsmanship are high quality and it meets (or even exceeds) building codes and standards.

8. Modular Construction Easily Fits into Your Warehouse Design

Modular inplant offices cannot just be measurement specific to your warehouse but they can also fit the look of your warehouse as well. In other words, you won’t be able to tell the difference between your modular office and any other site-built structures.

And, because of how versatile and flexible modular construction is, you’ll be able to have a number of design opportunities that go well with your building’s aesthetics. The end result being a highly appealing and efficient warehouse space.

9. You’ll Have an Original Warehouse Design

Because there are several different design options and modular construction can accommodate your facility’s measurements, your modular inplant office will be very original.

This can not only help with branding but also increase productivity; no two businesses are alike so it wouldn’t make sense for their warehouse spaces to be.

But Where are the Results?

It is easy to list a number of reasons why modular construction is a great choice. But what about the results? Are modular inplant offices as good as we say they are?

Read what Arma Container has to say:

“Thanks to an increase in business, we outgrew our facility. We considered either expanding the building or just moving into a larger facility. I was introduced to Bill, from Specialized Storage Solutions, who performed a needs analysis and suggested we install a prefab second tier office.”

“Thanks to Bill we immediately added the much needed extra space to our production floor while creating a clean, quiet work space for our entire production management team. The installation was proficient and non-intrusive. The entire project was completed in less than two months from the order date at a fraction of the cost of having to add to the building!”

“If you are even thinking of doing any construction to your current building, you must reach out to Bill and his team as they just might be able to help you the way they did for us.”

Final Thoughts

Thanks to modular construction, you don’t have to move out of your existing warehouse space simply because your inventory has expanded. Why not install a two-tier modular inplant office, which will create space above and free up space below.

Besides this, managers can observe daily operations from the office, rewarding high-performing employees and assisting those who need an extra hand. In doing this, employees will feel more taken care of, which can boost employee morale and impact job satisfaction.

Combine this with the fact that modular construction is cost-effective, requires less time to install, and is environmentally friendly, and it is no wonder you see it in warehouse facilities.

Do you have a modular inplant office? What has been your experience with modular construction? How has modular construction benefitted your warehouse facility? Has it facilitated your business’ growth? Have you noticed an improvement in company morale? Be sure to leave a comment in the comments section below.


  • Modular construction is versatile
  • You can add another modular inplant office, raise the structure from one-tier to two, and/or move and disassemble it
  • Besides being versatile, modular offices are high quality and use consistent craftsmanship
  • This may be contrary to what some believe since modular construction utilizes pre-engineered paneling for projects; some may assume pre-fabricated parts aren’t as high-quality as constructing from scratch, but this can’t be further from the truth
  • In fact, speaking of which, because modular construction uses pre-engineered paneling, installation is quick and easy
  • This means buildings and offices are occupied faster and you see the positive results sooner
  • Some of which being improved employee morale, better management, and greater productivity
  • Modular construction is cost-effective; like we said, faster assembly means faster use
  • It also is a tax advantage; compared to conventional construction, modular construction depreciates over 7 years
  • Just like with conventional construction, modular construction still abides (and exceeds) by building codes and standards
  • It’s environmentally friendly; modular construction lessons dust and contaminants while simultaneously being manufactured to LEED-certified specs
  • Since modular offices can fit any type of warehouse facility and you have several design options, you can have a one-of-a-kind office that also works with your current aesthetics
  • Actually, you can’t tell the difference between a modular inplant office from conventional, built-in structures
  • The proof is in the pudding; Arma Container describes how effective modular offices are and the impact it has made on the company as a whole

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[1] Forbes: How Positive Employee Morale Benefits Your Business