Warehouse Solutions You May Need to Make Your Facility More Efficient

//Warehouse Solutions You May Need to Make Your Facility More Efficient

warehouse solutionsPerhaps you are more or less happy with your current warehouse space. Or maybe your sales have been down because of slow shipping times, a cluttered warehouse, and inaccessible inventory. Whether the former or the latter, there’s are always warehouse solutions you can add to make your space more efficient and cost-effective.

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the most common warehouse solutions to incorporate into your warehouse design that will increase the chances of yielding a positive return on investment. Read on to find out what they are and how they can help your facilitate business growth.

1. Wire Partition Security Fencing Helps Secure Your Products

Wire partition security fencing helps deter opportunistic consumers and employees from stealing product. Depending on the amount of product stolen, you could be hundreds if not thousands of dollars short, not to mention the property damage costs.

To prevent this from happening, consider installing wire partition secure fencing around your most high-valuable merchandise. Doing this will add a physical barrier as your first line of defense, which will make it that much harder for opportunistic thieves to steal.

And, because of the keypad, padlock lugs, magnetic locks, or card, you get to control who has access to the high-valuable merchandise and who doesn’t. On the off chance that theft does occur, you have a smaller pool of “suspects” to consider.

Overall though, why this warehouse solution is on the list comes down to the overwhelming amount you save in pilferage costs.

(Speaking of which, read “Warehouse Solutions That Create Space and Secure Inventory” to learn about how Specialized Storage Solutions helped OTG Management save $100,000 in pilferage costs because of wire partition security fencing.)

2. High-Density Shelving Systems Help Organize Slower-Moving Inventory

It should be said that you should focus on the top 20% of your fastest-moving product and place it closest to the loading top, that doesn’t mean the 80% is forgotten. This is where high-density shelving systems come into play.

In particular, high-density shelving systems are great for storing slow-moving product. Often times, businesses are so focused on their fast-moving product that slower-moving product is put on the wayside.

What this type of shelving system does is double your storage capacity and make it easy and efficient for employees to retrieve inventory. Its accessibility and space-saving features are the reasons why we added it to the list.

3. Blueprint Storage Racks Make Documents Easily Accessible

The blueprint storage rack can hold hundreds of blueprints, oversized files, documents, artwork, and more. Say goodbye to overstuffed filing cabinets and clutter filling up your mezzanine office.

Because the documents are easy to thumb through, you are able to grab whichever one you want minus the wasted minutes (or hours) searching all over your office.

Overall, the blueprint storage rack makes the list because of how well it saves time and increases productivity.

4. Mezzanine Office Clears Up Clutter on the Ground Level

Is your office space crammed with inventory and, because of this, you’re considering renting a larger space? This is where you need to consider installing a mezzanine office.

What many companies forget is all of the vertical space you have that is available; in other words, forget the horizontal and consider the vertical. By installing a mezzanine office, you free up the ground level and the top level.

Similar to the high-density shelving systems, you have the ability to double your storage capacity…overnight. All in all, the mezzanine office made the list because of its ability to free up vertical space.

5. Inplant Modular Office Affects Employees and Employers

Like the mezzanine office, a second-tier inplant modular office helps creates space above and below.

It also is easy to install since the panels are fabricated and the installation takes place inside (without having to deal with any weather delays).

Compared to conventional offices, the inplant modular office is completed in nothing flat, which means it can be occupied sooner.

Because of this, you get to enjoy the positive results faster; management can oversee employees without micro-managing them, inventory that cluttered the aisles and posed as a fire hazard can now be easily stored away in the office, and more.

Fewer fire hazards and better management can help increase employee job satisfaction and minimize injuries.

Both of these cost the company several thousands out of their pockets—employee turnover tends to cost more than employee retention efforts while companies may have to pay worker’s compensation to help support the injured employee while he or she is healing.

(In some cases, injuries can be permanent, which may mean that the company will have to financially support the employee for a much longer time period.)

Long story short, inplant modular offices can help prevent these scenarios from playing out. Because of this, we decided to add inplant modular offices goes on the list.

6. Vertical Parts Lifts

Vertical parts lift provide accessibility to mezzanine offices. They can be used for parts departments, manufacturing facilities, and more.

Material lifts often times is the best lift to choose from for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it isn’t as risky or dangerous as the forklift. Comparing it to electrical and gas lift, vertical parts lifts just as productive but are less costly and are more low-maintenance.

If an employee can’t reach a product, he or she can use the vertical parts lift. Overall, it helps speed up loading and shipping times, which can help create a better shopping experience for the customer.

7. Wire and Metal Lockers Is a Great Storage Option for Employee Belongings

Wire and metal lockers are a useful addition to assisted living homes, senior centers, employee locker rooms, health clubs, and police stations.

They provide a level of security while also serving as a storage compartment. Depending on the type of locker, they can be furnished with handles, vents, and closed bottoms and tops.

Like wire partition security fencing, wire and metal lockers provide that extra physical barrier that deters opportunistic individuals from attempting theft.

Warehouse Solutions: Final Thoughts

The truth is, revamping your warehouse does not mean you have to shell out millions. Depending on your setup, you may just need one to two of these solutions. To help you with this process, you may want to contact a professional who will conduct an in-depth analysis of your storage space.

What warehouse solutions have you incorporated into your warehouse layout? How has this or these impacted your return on investment? What have you learned from these installations and how do you plan to accommodate further business growth? Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below.

Warehouse Solutions: Summary

  • Wire partition security fencing deters opportunistic theft, helping you save thousands in pilferage costs
  • Often times, companies can focus more on their faster-moving items and forget about their slower-moving items; nonetheless, they still take up space
  • To solve this, high-density shelving systems is a great warehouse solution for organizing slower-moving product
  • Blueprint storage racks are a useful addition to incorporate in your mezzanine or modular inplant office
  • Management can easily thumb through documents without wasting unnecessary time searching throughout the office or on the ground floor looking for it
  • Blueprint storage racks can hold oversized files, documents, artwork, blueprints, and more
  • In general, it is a solution for the overstuffed filing cabinet, cluttered desk, and non-productive aisle
  • Mezzanine offices free up space both on the ground and top levels; like high-density shelving, they can double storage capacity after installation
  • Inplant modular offices, like mezzanine offices and high-density shelving systems, can cut down on clutter and free up space
  • Inplant modular offices are easy to install compared to your standard office
  • Because of this, it can be put to use faster; management can easily observe (and not micro-manage) employees
  • This allows for a safer and more satisfied and productive work environment to occur
  • Which means employees risk fewer falls; this entails less of a chance for companies to pay for worker’s compensation claims
  • Likewise, employees don’t have to feel deal with the stresses of healing while injured
  • Also, companies don’t have to shell out extra to pay for new employee training (often times, this can cost more compared to retaining employees)
  • Vertical parts lifts makes it easy to reach product; it also is a safer option than a forklift while being more cost-effective and low maintenance than its electic and gas counterparts
  • Wires and metal lockers are a great add-on both as a security measure and as a storage compartment
  • Similar to wire partition security fencing, wire and metal lockers help keep opportunists away
  • Consider contacting a professional to have an in-depth analysis done on your current warehouse space

Specialized Storage Solutions prides ourselves on honesty, integrity, and service. We are committed to asking the right questions so we can learn more about your needs. In doing so, we will help provide warehouse solutions that create space, maximize efficiency, and improve profitability.

To speak to a professional about incorporating one, some, or all of these warehouse solutions to your operations, feel free to contact Specialized Storage Solutions.