3 Ways High Density Mobile Shelving Benefits Your Warehouse Layout Design and Protects Your Company

Here’s what high density mobile shelving is not: a standard set of shelves that’s hard to access; a one-size-fits-all warehouse solution only select companies, much less few industries can use; and a storage option that has little to no impact on a company’s warehouse layout design.

What High Density Mobile Shelving Is

The truth is, high density mobile shelving is anything but ineffective to small businesses’ and large corporations’ warehouse facilities. Not only does this space-saving solution double storage capacity or decrease storage requirements by 50% but is one of if not the best way to eliminate non-productive aisles. In turn, thanks to high density shelving, clutter is cleared, profitability increases, and employees can retrieve product safely.

But, it goes beyond that. High density mobile shelving helps hospitals and healthcare insurance companies comply with HIPAA rules and regulations. Not to mention its security features like self-closing aisle locks paired with partition security fencing deters opportunistic and/or disgruntled employees from stealing high value product.

It’s safe to say high density mobile shelving benefits companies, large and small, across industries, from manufacturing and mining to cosmetics and construction. Read on to find out how versatile high density storage is, and how it contributes to your warehouse layout design and keeps your company safe.

#1. One of the Most Durable Space Savers in the Industry

High density shelving systems can carry up to 1,000 pounds per linear carriage foot, making them a go-to storage option for almost any product, lightweight or heavyweight, big or small. Some common applications include legal documents, CDs, medical records and supplies, printing press cylinders, and maintenance parts.

Durable, Ergonomic Handles Makes Retrieving Product Easy

The mechanical high density shelving’s durable, ergonomic handle, in particular, has a 6 to 1 drive ratio, capable of moving up to 6,000 pounds of stored product with one pound of pressure.

It may seem hard to open and retrieve product, but actually all employees have to do is crank the handle, which turns without resistance. Because of this, employees picking product can still access items on high density shelves easily, without affecting retrieval or shipping times.

Metal Surfaces Withstand Corrosion

Just as the mechanics and structure are durable, the high density storage system’s all metal surfaces can endure much wear and tear. In fact, the surface is powdered so it withstands corrosion. This makes it last longer, saving companies money on replacements.

#2. Helping Covered Entities Comply with HIPAA Standards

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, better known as HIPAA, is a set of rules that protects the integrity, confidentiality, and security of patients’ personal health records.[1]

These rules also make sure that covered entities (i.e. doctors, nurses, psychologists, dentists, pharmacies, health insurance companies, etc.) have procedures that limit who can view and access patients’ medical information, only disclosing such information when necessary and always, always, always taking measures to safeguard it.[2]

Using high density shelving systems with self-closing or manually activated aisle locks, can help covered entities comply with HIPAA regulations, keeping patients’ medical records safe from opportunistic employees.

Depending on the health facility’s setup, more security features—such as key lock options and a safety lock system—for the high density shelving may come in handy.

Health Facilities Aren’t the Only Ones 

But hospitals and healthcare insurance companies aren’t the only businesses that have to worry about stolen health information. Ninety percent of industries, ranging from retail and finance to construction and mining, have suffered from a breach where personal health records were taken.[3]

Unfortunately, according to The Atlantic, many companies in industries other than healthcare only focus on protecting intellectual property and customer personal data, not taking steps to ensure health information stays safe as well.[4]

Healthcare facility or not, stolen health records costs companies thousands to millions (depending on the breach) in damages and lost reputation. It can be a PR nightmare to restore the company back to its original, pre-breach image—in fact, of the organizations faced with a security breach, brand reputation was the third most affected area, after operations and finance.[5]

Preventing Opportunistic Theft with High Density Storage and Wire Partition Fencing

While the study focused on data breaches caused by hacking, insider threat without infiltrating a network is a possibility; something as simple as grabbing a few files does happen, especially if the disgruntled employee seeks retaliation. Insiders who do steal, be it high valuable product or health information, can go undetected for a long time, which may affect pilferage costs and impact reputation.

To prevent this from happening, companies can incorporate high density storage shelving with partition wire fencing to control who can access what. In doing so, you deter vindictive employee and curious customer, and reduce the chances of opportunistic theft.

(To learn more about wire partition fencing, high density shelving, and opportunistic theft, check out “Warehouse Solutions That Create Space and Secure Inventory.”)

#3. Companies Get a High Return on Investment

Especially when storing slower-moving items, integrating high density mobile shelving in your warehouse layout design can give you a high return on investment.

Makes the Most of Valuable Space

High density storage improves product access, as you are able to store more product in less space. Because high density shelving frees up valuable space, companies save on lease costs, not needing to upgrade to a costlier warehouse facility.

Less Product Damage

Electric high density systems, specifically, may come with light carpet technology, which sweeps the floor checking for obstructions. Should product block the aisle, thanks to the pressure sensitive light carpet technology, the shelving won’t close. Items that accidentally are on the ground won’t get damaged sparing companies from having to pay out of pocket for wasted product.

Big Savings on Pilferage Costs

As we mentioned earlier, not securing high valuable product or important information could lead to theft and reputational and financial losses.

Warehouse facilities that have high density shelving and security features like wire partition fencing, self-closing aisle locks, or manually activated aisle locks limit access and deters opportunistic theft—costs that can be better used for business growth.

Frees Up Room for Faster-Moving Items

High density shelving is a great place to store slower-moving product. Moving your slower-moving items on high density shelves in the back frees space up front for faster-moving product. This allows for fast retrieval and quicker turnover. (For more information about product placement, read our article, “Efficient Pallet Storage in Industrial Warehouse and Distribution Space.”)

Final Thoughts: High Density Mobile Shelving: A Crucial Addition to Your Warehouse Layout Design

High density mobile shelving is a highly versatile and user-friendly warehouse solution that can only benefit your warehouse layout. Choose between electrical, mechanical, and lateral shelving based on your warehouse needs. No matter which option you go with, high density shelving is aesthetically-pleasing and comes in a wide range of lengths and widths designed to fit your specific warehouse space.

Overall, high density mobile shelving controls (and brings down) costs, increases profitability, and optimizes even the smallest of spaces. Do you have high density shelving in your warehouse facility? If so, how has it impacted your operations? And, would you recommend it? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment in the comments section below.


  • High density mobile shelving is beneficial no matter how big or small the operation
  • It doubles storage capacity or reduces storage requirements in half
  • High density storage gets rid of non-productive aisles and yields a high return on investment, especially on slower-moving product
  • This warehouse solutions, combined with safety add-ons—like self-closing and manually activated aisle locks—and wire partition fencing secures high valuable product and important information from the opportunistic customer and employee
  • It is extremely durable, carrying up to 1,000 pounds per linear carriage foot, and its ergonomic handle has a 6:1 drive ratio
  • This makes it a great storage space for not just lightweight but heavy and awkward loads
  • Its all metal, powdered surface prevents corrosion
  • Its security features help covered entities, such as insurance companies and health care providers, comply with HIPAA regulations
  • However, all industries outside the healthcare sector can also benefit from installing high density shelving and wire partition fencing
  • Stolen personal health information can not only cost companies thousands, if not millions in damages and reputational loss
  • High density storage saves companies on thousands in pilferage costs and prevents a damaged reputation
  • High density mobile shelving yields a high return on investment; it increases space and saves on lease and pilferage costs, reduces product damage, and frees up space for faster-moving product
  • Depending on their need, companies can choose mechanical, lateral, or electrical high density shelving systems
  • Overall, high density mobile shelving optimizes your warehouse layout, making the most out of even the smallest of spaces

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