4 Mezzanine System Uses to Improve Your Business

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As your business grows, you will the demands of your customers. To accommodate their requirements and make sure you are offering the best possible services, you may want to look into optimizing your business. For some companies, this might mean expanding your space for more storage or adding some new equipment that will improve operations. In these cases, moving to a new building may seem like the only viable option. However, installing a mezzanine system might help you mitigate those moving costs and stay exactly where you are. There are so many ways to use this structural solution that could improve your business. The following mezzanine system uses could be just what your business needs to continue to grow.

What is a mezzanine?

First of all, what is a mezzanine? A mezzanine system consists of raised platforms between the floor and ceiling of a building. They are custom-designed to the size and shape of the space. They aim to maximize the use of vertical space by providing additional room above and below.

Mezzanines can be made of steel, aluminum or fiberglass. They are made up of beams, purlins, columns, and decking. Handrails, pallet gates, and staircases are common accessories added to mezzanine systems, as well.

Use #1: Manufacturing & Production

Growing production and manufacturing businesses aim to improve productivity and get the most out of existing space. As a result, mezzanine flooring is very popular with companies in this space.

Accommodating weight is a critical aspect of these industries; a production or assembly line is typically a massive structure. However, properly designed mezzanine, made of structural steel, can endure these heavy loads, providing safety over a long period of time. In addition, staff working on the assembly line typically work long shifts and are frequently coming and going. Walkways ensure minimal disruption.

Use #2: Distribution & Warehousing

High demand and busy periods are a great indicator of a successful business. However, in distribution and warehousing, a simple mistake or lack of organization can cause major problems. A lack of storage space, coupled with an increase in incoming and outgoing deliveries, can cause delays and confusion that could result in a loss of business.

A properly designed warehouse with mezzanines can solve these issues. Streamline your operation by installing a mezzanine system that can be quickly sorted, reduces delivery times and ensures customer satisfaction. By taking advantage of vertical space, you utilize the full capacity of your warehouse without the need for expensive expansions or the acquisition of a new property.

Use #3: Automation

In a large facility, the addition of a single multi-layered mezzanine floor can improve operations. The right mezzanine system accommodates conveyor systems. Store, manage and distribute your product in the additional space. The weight of conveyor systems and heavy machinery can place a lot of strain on conventional materials. However, structural mezzanines made of steel are more than capable of withstanding heavier loads. Incorporate walkways, support platforms, and other custom requirements into the mezzanine design, as well.

Use#4: Office & Storage Space

Office and storage space might be more important than you think. Having an organized space for customer meetings is crucial. If you don’t have a suitable space to conduct formal business, you may find yourself wasting time and money on travel and accommodations.

One of the more recent mezzanine system uses is to expand warehouses with offices and meeting rooms. Design these mezzanine offices to match your company’s colors, including handrails and other accessories. Transform your warehouse space into the perfect place to conduct business.

Choosing the Right Mezzanine for Your Business

While understanding mezzanine system uses is important for improving your business, choosing the right type of mezzanine system is crucial. The right mezzanine system for your space will have many benefits for your business. You will maximize the space at your facility and improve the productivity of your business. There are three types of mezzanine systems to consider:

  1. Shelving-supported mezzanines – A second floor of decking  covers an entire lower level of shelving or pallet rack. The second level consists of rack, shelving, offices, or work areas, and allows relatively unlimited placement of items on the second floor.
  2. Free-standing structural mezzanines –  Designed to maximize floor space and take advantage of unused overhead space, these systems can be a cost-effective alternative to new construction. They allow unlimited placement of shelving, racking, modular or stick-built offices, production equipment, or inventory above and below the deck.
  3. Catwalk mezzanines – These mezzanines consist of high-rise racking or shelving with decking placed only in aisles. This mezzanine requires shelving to be the same on all levels but makes catwalks less expensive to construct.

To learn more about which type of mezzanine system design is right for your space, read our white paper! You should also contact an expert to assess your space, listen to your needs and help you design the perfect solution.