How to Choose the Right Storage Partner For Your Business: Testimonials

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As your business grows and you work to optimize your operations, you may need some help. Choosing the right companies to help you improve your business is a crucial part of evolving. For these types of partnerships to thrive, it requires a lot of trust and open communication between the two businesses. Whether you need to outsource HR or accounting to help the bottom line or you need a partner to help you optimize your workspace, trust is key. If your business is growing and you need more space to improve operations, look for a storage partner that can create space, maximize efficiency and improve safety. More importantly, the right storage partner will be able to provide you with examples of how they can help your business. Past work examples and testimonials from previous clients are the best ways to articulate their success, prove their expertise and build that trust.

These few testimonials from our clients at Specialized Storage show how we can work and be successful within a variety of different industries.

KZY Logistics Chooses Specialized Storage Partnership

A Growing Problem

KZY Logistics is a growing logistics company with dozens of trucks on the road every day. They purchased part of a newly built space to repair all of their trucks and moved into the new repair shop. However, they had no idea how to store their tools and parts, so they stored everything on the inefficient pallet rack. They were having a hard time getting to their tools, which resulted in less billable service revenue. Hudson County Motors, the dealer who supplies them with all of their Volvo trucks, recommended Specialized Storage Solutions. While Specialized Storage experts were at the business, ownership also expressed a need for a transmission tear-down bench big enough for truck transmissions, as well as an automotive work station.

The Storage Solution

Specialized Storage Solutions asked the right questions, listened to what the actual problem was and designed a solution. The parts room they designed could store all of the different sized parts with a mix of modular drawers, shelving and bulk rack. Our experts also custom-designed a transmission tear-down bench that’s heavy-duty enough to support the largest truck transmissions. It is equipped with a center drain for fluids and oils excreted during the service process. Their new automotive work station is equipped with bulk special tool storage capacity. It created a space for them to use computers and do paperwork without it getting soiled by grease or dirt.

Long-lasting Results

KZY Logistics has easy and efficient access to all of its parts and tools. The company now has a clutter-free shop where they can do what they need to do to keep their trucks on the road. They have some room to grow and have more free storage space in their shop where the pallet rack was previously located.

Tore Electric & Specialized Storage

The Problem

Tore Electric in Rockaway, NJ operated out of an unorganized and inefficient warehouse. The company was running out of space to store material left over from jobs. The business also wanted to create a training room and space for customers but didn’t know how to approach the task. Their warehouse was filled with product on rack and shelving of different sizes and capacities. Our experts noticed they were not taking advantage of their high ceilings. Ownership did an online search and found Specialized Storage Solutions. They called us in for a consultation to see if we would be the right storage partner. Ultimately, they determined that we were the best company to meet their needs.

A Tailored Solution

The Specialized Storage sales team determined that utilizing the vertical height would be the best way to increase their storage space utilization and not disrupt their operation. Specialized Storage recommended the installation of a 2,400 SF Strongbox Mezzanine along with a bulk storage rack. We also recommended Wire Crafters wire partition to properly secure and store their material. Our experts then worked with Tore’s team to install the products without interrupting their workflow.

The Results

Tore Electric achieved its objectives of creating more space and becoming more organized. We also made their warehouse a training center and showplace for their customers. The new space enabled Tore Electric to efficiently store their archives and payroll records on the new Strongbox Mezzanine.

Choose Specialized Storage to Maximize Your Business

You can buy equipment from any company. Specialized Storage is different. Our goal is to reduce your risk and analyze your operation. We also aim to provide you with the right product mix to meet your needs. Our experts ask the right questions, find the real need and provide a cost-effective solution. We don’t use a “one size fits all” approach. The application, layout and design expertise we have separates us from the competition.  With Specialized Storage, you benefit from proven practices, professionalism, predictability, and peace of mind.