How to Build a Smart Warehouse: 3 Reasons You Need New Technology

Logistics and warehousing businesses have always depended on standard controls to ensure safety, maximize efficiency, and maintain profitability. However, in this age of new technology, a transformation is occurring. Technology is disrupting the industry. While some may see this change as an obstacle or a frustrating interruption to their tried-and-true routine, there are undeniable advantages. In general, building a smart warehouse will improve inventory management, customer service, and order fulfillment.

Overall, the primary benefits of a smart warehouse are its ability to save company resources, such as time and money, increase overall profits, and raise the satisfaction level of clients and customers. More specifically, check out these three main reasons to build a smart warehouse below.

Reason #1: Connect with Your Customers

Simply put, adopt newly available technology and build a stronger, more stable connection with your customers. With tech that enables shorter shipping times, improved personalized service, and greater accuracy, your customer relationships will blossom.

Smart robots, for example, are built specifically to be impervious to error when it comes to picking, packing, and shipping. For example, according to the National Fulfillment Service, businesses are adopting a model to include recurring shipments for customers. In these cases of product bundling, smart robots make scheduling regular monthly shipments much easier. Without the possibility of human error, customers are guaranteed to receive the right product at the right time, ensuring a happy customer base.

In addition, chatbots allow for more open communication in the order fulfillment process, as well as making troubleshooting and error correction much easier to manage. With a new line of communication always open and available to your customers, they will have an easier route to fix issues and ask questions, leading to more customer loyalty.

Reason #2: Mitigate Human Error

As mentioned above, implementing these new technologies removes a lot of susceptibility to human error. In recent times, businesses throughout the country are increasing the use of industrial robotics and automation on the warehouse floor. Similar machines are commonly used in production and assembly and are now implementing robotics for order fulfillment services, such as packing and shipping.

Comparatively, human employees are slower, more expensive, and prone to errors. Mitigate these expensive truths by introducing robotics. The employees who already work in these roles can operate and maintain the technology. They can also be reassigned altogether to ensure efficiency in different parts of the business. Remember, today’s industrial robotics can perform multiple assignments at once. They can also learn new techniques, which helps them to perform faster and more efficiently.

If you’re hesitant, consider placing smart robotic solutions alongside your human workforce. This gives you more control and in some cases, even greater productivity.

Reason #3: Stay on Top of the Competition

In truth, the concept of smart warehouses is still in development. The implementation of a smart warehouse requires a large amount of initial investment that evens out over time. Buying and implementing the newest technologies can be a big hurdle to overcome. As a result, smart warehousing has yet to become widespread. However, due to today’s customer-centric economy, these advancements in technology cannot be ignored. With the Internet of Things so readily available to everyone and emerging technology becoming smarter and more dynamic, it won’t be long before all of our nation’s warehouses and distribution centers are equipped with smart equipment.

Don’t lag behind. Your competitors are likely already adopting real-time analytics, robotics, automation, wearables, video and more to build a smart warehouse. Supply chain efficiency is top-of-mind for the most proactive warehouse managers and business owners. Stay on top of an industry in transformation by adopting these technologies for yourself.

Specialized Storage Can Answer Your Questions

Building a smart warehouse by implementing new technology is just one way to ensure profitability for your business. While this technology is so important for keeping up with your competition and satisfying customers, consider all the other ways you can reach the top of the industry. At Specialized Storage, our experts will assess your space and design a layout that will maximize efficiency and optimize operations. The truth is that you can get warehousing advice or buy equipment from any number of people and businesses. However, at Specialized Storage, we ask the right questions, identify your business’s real need, and design custom solutions to help you. Contact us today to learn more!