Novel Pharmaceuticals

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Novel Pharmaceuticals built a new facility but didn’t have enough room to store pallets of raw materials and finished goods in their warehouse with 32’ high ceilings.


They contacted other rack suppliers to come up with the best way to store 1,000 pallets in the space, but the most anyone could fit was 700. Specialized Storage Solutions solved their problem and fit 1,000 pallets in the space utilizing the Spacesaver ActivRac mobile pallet rack system with Frazier structural steel push back rack and a Strongbox structural steel mezzanine. We also worked with Highlander Equipment Company and recommended the use of a Bendi VNA lift truck to store and retrieve pallets in a 6’-9” aisle and to unload trucks.


Novel maximized their floor space and usable warehouse height to meet their storage goal and gain 100% accessibility to every pallet in the warehouse. We also gave them enough area for staging and maneuverability between the loading dock and production areas.