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PSE&G needed a company to perform a rack safety audit in one of its storage facilities because there was a rack failure.


PSE&G called upon Specialized Storage Solutions to assess the problem, take inventory, separate the usable components from the non-usable, and reinstall the existing equipment supplemented with new reinforced rack and safety clips. We wrote the report and submitted it to our customer, and they were left with a structurally sound and safe system.

View the Audit Report here


Specialized Storage Solutions has now become the preferred vendor for PSE&G, and has consistently done quality work for them since 1995. Our broad application expertise has caused them to call on us to solve many storage problems, make the best use of their space, and replace worn equipment in locations throughout New Jersey.

Overall, the entire experience was smooth, professional and efficient. Specialized experience in racking system installation was evident in the detail.PSE&G